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The “Religious Detoxification” of the Church and its Leaders (Part 2)

In My Boots
by Boots R. Gonzales

And you even attempted to encourage people to revolt against the government of Duterte by asking them to go to EDSA, attend rallies, fora and pickets to condemn the killings of the drug lords, drug pushers, drug addicts and other criminals while conveniently closing your eyes and ears from hearing the cries of the thousands of victims and their families on the evils brought by the drugs and other criminalities which Duterte wants to stop so this country may live in peace.

Your God’s house provided sanctuary to Matobato and Lascanas, both self-confessed killers with blood of over hundreds of people on their hands and you even helped them spew their lies in cahoots with Senator Trillanes during Senate hearings against Duterte. Where are these people now whom you claimed to have repented from their sins as opposed to Duterte whom they accused of crime against humanity? How about their victims and the sufferings of the families left behind out of their brutal and heinous crimes? Clearly, you used these criminals to get a piece of Duterte by using the name of your God as a justification – Isn’t this demonic?

You prayed over the head of Delima, showing to your flock that she is innocent and your God is with her because she is fighting against Duterte. How about the drug cases she is facing under our laws? Are you saying that it’s okay and acceptable to god for one to deal with drugs as long as he/she is against Duterte? How about her admission that she f*cked her driver, a married man, whose family was destroyed because of his relationship with Delima? Are you allowing Delima’s excuse of “frailty of a woman” to wreck a Christian family just because she is against Duterte? What kind of God’s teaching are you trying to preach?

You brought around coffins to dramatize how your God is aghast by the killings in this country under Duterte’s drug war; and even utter condemnation in the pulpits proclaiming that your God is against what the Duterte government is doing. But when you initiate and attend rallies, you conveniently disregarded the miserable sight of the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks, shun the beggars asking for small help and refused to be immersed with the horrible state of your flock’s lives in the slum areas. Are these acts reflective of those who are Godly leaders and believers?

You defended the ousted CJ Sereno for going against Duterte and prayed over her and asked your flock to support her notwithstanding the legal issues which supported her ouster before the laws of men – our constitution. And yet you want to use God’s teachings for people to be revulsive as what the Supreme Court has done is contrary to God’s teachings. Isn’t this a devilish madness?

You used God’s teachings in condemning Duterte’s pro Marcos image and the Martial Law imposed in Mindanao which was done in accordance with the Constitution and urge your flock to go against Duterte for being a dictator and a human rights violator. Yet you never said anything to condemn when the infamous Mendiola Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita mass murder, the Mamasapano and Kidapawan massacres happened aside from the plunder of the government’s coffers during the Aquino administration through DAP, PDAF, Dengvaxia, Philhealth, and dozens of scandals and atrocities committed by previous administration. Is it your God’s teaching to embrace the crimes committed by the Aquinos because they are close to the Catholic Church and condemn those of Duterte’s because he refused to be used by catholic leadership? Sanamagan!