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Debunking the Myths about Travel to the Middle East

Temple of Bacchus
By Heretiq - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,
by Lisa Jeeves

The Middle East, made up of 17 countries, is notorious for being in a constant state of volatile flux. For some travellers heading to the Middle East, travel insurance is all they need to allay their concerns regarding any danger. However, for others, the uncertain political climate renders this section of the world a complete no-go zone. It is true that travelling to the Middle East requires visitors to utilise their street smarts and common sense a little more than your average holiday destination, but the fear should not deter you from seeing some of the most exquisite landscape, architecture, art and culture, the world has to offer.

Where NOT to Go

Out of the 17 Middle Eastern countries there are a few that are best to avoid. Indeed, if you are planning a visit to the Middle East, travel insurance companies may flat-out refuse to sell you a plan to an area due to the high probability of danger. To avoid getting your heart set on a destination just to have the insurance company dash all your dreams, make sure you refer to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. The FCO produces the most up-to-date advisory guides for any destination worldwide, so that travellers can make an educated decision about visiting a place regarding their own safety.

For example, currently Syria, Yemen, Libya and Lebanon have worldwide travel advisories against visits. The FCO also monitors other potentially risky conditions: it notes that Yemen is currently dealing with a Cholera outbreak, and that certain areas of Turkey are susceptible to earthquakes.

Common sense leads most travellers to stay away from these areas. It is also best, as a sign of respect in these regions dealing with civil unrest, to simply not add your presence to the complicated situation for the sake of a ‘dream holiday’.

Middle Eastern Dreams

However, all is not lost if your heart desires a trip to one of these exotic Arabian destinations. Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Jordan, to name but a few, are still very popular travel destinations in and near the Middle East. Travel insurance for these countries is widely available, but may have geographical restrictions of for areas known for unrest. It is always best to read the fine print carefully.

Don’t Let Fear Be Your Travel Guide

For many, the thrill of the unknown is what drives them to travel in the first places. Less visited destinations can be the amazing hidden gems they have been seeking. True, it takes a little more courage to step outside the world of mainstream travel destinations. However, if it can be done safely, there are numerous experiences-of-a-lifetime waiting in some unsuspecting locations. When travelling to the Middle East, travel insurance, due diligence, and a respectful approach to the culture will hold you in good stead for an amazing exploration of one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful areas.

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