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Imelda’s conviction, Filipino’s eviction and Probinsiyano’s interdiction

Tumbas Manipis
by John A. Bello

There are so much that the good fellas in the present Republic of Tokhang have to be worried about in the last few days. Things have inexorably piled up, one after another, in so many fronts that one can get dizzy how to figure them out all or if they are even remotely interconnected to demonize the lives of the, yes, good fellas, the ones - we, hopefully - who have the keener sense of perception of the way things are - politically, morally, logically - and should have been in our present parts of the world.

Let us just cite the more ‘shocking’ ones, actually three, among the bunch that rather raise our hackles, so to speak, at least for the good fellas among us and for the rest, the Duterte Devoted Supporters – DDS, bes - of the alternate world numbering over 16 millions, let them continue in their dazed hibernation while basking in the glory of their lord and master, the Lord Digong of the Supreme Universe.

First is the recent conviction for 7 counts of graft by the Sandiganbayan of the formidable erstwhile Iron Lady of the country, no other than Madame Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the dark years of Martial Law ruled by her husband, Ferdinand, who ruled the country from 1965 to 1986 when the Marcoses were ousted from their perch of power by people power at Edsa.

The graft court, after about 27 looooong years of legal proceeding which started in 1991, finally, surprisingly, even perhaps shockingly, came up with a decision convicting Imelda Marcos of massive corruption of astounding scale involving about $200 million or about P10 billion during her reign as governor of Metro Manila and assemblywoman at the heyday of Marcos Martial rule. Her conviction by a judicial proceeding in a court of law finally put on record and established the fact about the Marcos’ thievery which no amount of denial, teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling from Marcos loyalists and supporters, most likely including the bulk of the 16 million plus DDS, can ever erase or expunge in history. Here at long last is the damning record which clearly and utterly debunks and falsifies the Marcos loyalists and supporters long and enduring claim and confident assertion that there has been no single case filed in any court that the Marcoses have been convicted thus all the allegations and accusations that the Marcoses have committed grand-scale thievery and...Turn to p/4

corruption is simply and categorically false, baseless and, yes, mere allegations and accusations by the Yellow army and supporters led by the Aquinos who have demonized for more than three decades about the alleged Marcos misrule but so far have not been proven true – until now, yes, until now with the Sandiganbayan decision convicting Imelda of her gargantuan corruption against the Filipino people.

Second is the eviction of Filipino language as subject in college, along with Panitikan in the Supreme Court decision that legalized the expanded education program called K to 12. The SC merely supported and affirmed the Commission on Higher Education through its memorandum order that called for the abolition of the Filipino and Panitikan as core subjects to be taught in college claiming that these two subjects are duplication because they are already being taught in the elementary, high school and up to senior high school.

Academics, mostly those who are adversely affected by the SC decision, immediately and vehemently reacted saying that it’s all about strengthening and deepening of the identity, history and social dynamics of the Filipino people as they evolve as a people with distinct native history that is being taught in both Filipino and Panitikan in college and to stop it now would have a serious implication and consequences on the character and, yes, identity of the Filipino people in a globalized world where everything is being whipped into line of cultural homogenization and conformity.

Premier universities like University of the Philippines and University of Santo Tomas, which have long entrenched Filipino departments in college and even up to post-graduate level, are linking arms with other colleges and universities to make the SC reconsider its decision on Filipino and Panitikan and maintain both as core subjects for teaching in colleges and universities across the country.

Lastly, is the interdiction by the PNP and the DILG of the, of all things, fictional teleseries FPJ’s Probinsiyano, a nightly television serial action show from Monday to Friday that has lured millions of viewers across the nation who, especially the 40s and 50s in age, have been ardent followers of the late movie action star Fernando Poe Jr. Both government agencies bewailed the alleged negative portrayal of the police in Probinsiyano claiming it ruins the image of the police in general and demanded that the show producer change the plotline of the TV series in accordance with the liking of both agencies.

How naïve of these government agencies to have to demand of the fictional action teleserye to change to suit the ‘clean’ and acceptable image of the police. Police all over the world have long been the subject of film portrayal since time immemorial and most of them have been depicted in a negative light but it is part of the freedom of expression of the artists that they are never curtailed in a democracy and open society and as far as I know, the Philippines, even under the rather hard-knuckle rule of the Duterte administration, still operates in a democracy.