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My real-life paranormal experiences and third eye Part 2

Straight Talk
Nimfa L. Estrellado

I called my cousin the next day to tell her about the dream, and she went silent for a few seconds and when she spoke it was in a controlled voice. She said she experienced the same dream.

Office Building Ghost Encounter

In 2013 I’ve worked at the Manila Times, Intramuros and lived in Binondo. The commute home after work is brutal because I just can’t enjoy walking in the dark due to the possibility of what could be hiding in the darkness, a rapist or holdaper. I’ve been doing this for a couple of months so I’m pretty much used to it. At first I can’t confirm ghosts in MT building but it seems the hallways gave me chills. There are almost 100 year old building in a part of the town too that is known for its historical narrative, and inevitably with that kind of area, it’s “Haunted”. Probably some other stuff has happened in there over the last century, it’s an old building and used to be a dungeon! It has a creepy atmosphere. I presume, is spooky. I’ve never been in it. Anyway, when I went a looked at the abandoned building I took a friend with me to check it out. I let him run and explore the rooms while I looked around the rest of the ground floor.

Fast forward a couple months. We are celebrating someone’s birthday when I hear someone says, “I need to go to the comfort room, I immediately stop her because I saw someone in the CR. We waited a couple minutes but no one come out. I convinced my officemates I saw someone enter the CR. They didn’t seem too scared or anything. Pretty matter of fact about it. They told there could be different types of ghosts in the building. It’s not the first time i’ve seen a ghost but It freaked me the hell out though.

Do I think MT building is haunted? I don’t think so. But I got a feeling like I was being watched. After two weeks of the incident I have another encounter, I am inside IT department room working overtime alone and it’s maybe 11 or 12 pm and quiet as a crypt outside, I hear someone emitted an extremely loud, sharp whistle, basically directly into my ears, startling me. I sat there for a minute and listened to the sounds grow louder. I turned the light off and slowly opened the door to see if I could crane my neck around to see out front. No luck. But I see a man sitting on one of the visitor chairs in the hallway out of the corner of my eye and when I move my head there is no one there. But right about then, the whistle sounded like it was RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and then it stopped suddenly and I never heard it again.

As I thought on it later, I got the distinct impression that the spirit of a little girl and a man has resided in that building. I never discovered the truth, but after what happened there, I decided not to press my luck and stir anything else up.

Voices and Paranormal Experiences

To this day I still refuse to talk about this with anyone other than my family. I’m not really sure what the hell happened to me, but it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced and to this day it gives me chills thinking about it.

When I was a teenager, I’d get up to shit. By that I mean; smoking cigarette, drinking and I had a lot of friends that were more interested in pissing off their parents then they were in actually being my friend but I say goodby to my vices when I started to hear something and experience the most bizarre and terrifying paranormal. Now, like everyone else that wants to seem rational on this article; I’m a born and bred skeptic about paranormal or exorcism events. I have been since I was a kid, and I do believe in the existence of an afterlife/ghosts. But what happened, really, defies explanation, at least by me.

This all started when we move to San Pablo City when my father was discharged from the hospital. One night me and Tita Ana (a family friend) heard a noise like mumbling, it seemed to be all around us; and me and Tita Ana was quiet with each other as we started to hear it. The mumbling was quiet enough, but still plainly audible.

(To be continued next issue)