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New Tech Turns Your Skin Into A Touchscreen Interface

New Tech Turns Your Skin Into A Touchscreen InterfaceA team at Carnegie Mellon has found a way to make skin a user interface for gadgets and solved problem of smart watch.


Researchers create wild skin-touch interface for tiny smart watches

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Future Interface group unveiled Skin Track, the first skin-based wearable interface that overcomes tiny smart watch screens by turning your forearm and the back of your hand into touch and gesture interfaces.

Firstly, what is the problem in smart watch?

Smart watches are an interesting product but they have a long way to go before they provide true value to the users and also even as smart watch design has dramatically improved over the past year, there is still a long way to go, and secondly, traditional watchmakers are right not to fear the Apple's smart watch.

A new technology called Skin Track could perhaps be the next big thing that changes the way you use your smart watch.

So, one of the biggest challenges with smart watches is trying to navigate through apps on a relatively tiny screen. While smartphones and tablets have gotten bigger over the years, the gadgets we wear on our wrists need to stay small to avoid looking terribly unfashionable.

Today a team at the Future Interfaces Group, a research lab within Carnegie Mellon University, released a look at a novel solution to this problem: making the skin on your arm and hand act like a touchscreen for your smart watch.

The band has four electrodes to measure the X and Y position of the ring. Not only does it measure position, the system computes the distance from the finger to each electrode (called the Phase) and uses that information to continuously track the finger's motion in real time.

Together, the sensors can read discrete gestures and know, with up to 99% accuracy, where on the skin you're touching.

One of the core benefits of Skin Track is that a user can interact with watch apps without their finger blocking the tiny wearable screen. Just think what Apple could do if it built this into the nextApple Watch. Surely then the Apple Watch App ecosystem would explode. No more trying to squeeze an iPhone's-worth of on-screen interactivity into a 1-inch display.

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