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Political promise and peril in Quezon 2nd district: Procy Alcala vs Jayjay Suarez - 1

Tumbas Manipis
by John A. Bello

The year 2018 has ended and, no, it did not end like the poet said, with a bang but with a whimper, but, it just ended thankfully, like it is supposed to end, although not so quietly, but peaceful enough to elicit our collective sigh and relief that it ended the way it is, the better for us all.

With the cock of 2018 crowing its last drowned with the noise and fireworks at midnight of the last day to be replaced with the oink oink year of the pig 2019 according to the Chinese calendar which we have seemingly nonchalantly incorporated into our culture, this new year, alas, is upon us, its whole joy and peril, its pregnant promise and challenges, its sadness and madness and pesky uncertainties.

It’s 2019 dudes, and what else but that the whole of the Filipino electorate is ready and willing and has long been anticipating, in fact, this coming May 13 mid-term elections and barring any unexpected groundbreaking, earth-shaking turn of events, the grand political spectacle will go on as usual on that very day where the sovereign voters will be king in every precinct who will decide the next batch of political officials from senators to congressman down to governors, mayors and members of the Sangguniang Panglalawigan, Sangguniang Panlunsod and Sangguniang Pambayan who are set to govern us, the citizenry all over the country for the next three years, Lord, have mercy.

According to the calendar of activities of the Commission on Elections, January 13 kicks off the election period which lasts up to June 12. On the start of the election period there will be no more transfer or movement of government personnel, carrying or transporting guns is banned and security or bodyguards for candidates is prohibited unless permitted by the Comelec.

Let’s run this down quickly so we zero in on the main enchilada of our topic which is the promise and peril of the 2nd District in our Quezon province highlighted with the impending political collision between the incumbent Gov. David ‘Jayjay’ Suarez and former agriculture secretary Proceso Alcala who have both filed their certificate of candidacy for House of Representatives in the province’ 2nd District.

The campaign period for senators and partylist groups will start on Feb. 12 and end on May 11; while that for local positions will start on Mar. 29 up to May 11, with May 12 as the day of silence, of rest, of breathing space in preparation for the big event day, when every voter heads to his/her respective voting station and there in its sovereign sanctity all political aspirants are weighed and considered and their chosen names are carefully written down or marked in the ballot and the declared winners to be sworn into office to formally start their political function and duty on July 1.

Now, let us get down to business, to brass tacks so to speak.

Quezon province, with 39 towns and 2 cities – Lucena and Tayabas - has a total registered voters of 1,192,000. The number of registered voters in the province’ 4 districts are as follows: 1st District – 298,214; 2nd District – 393,323; 3rd District – 245,804; and 4th District – 254,659.

Political candidates running for governor, vice governor, board members and congressman must have at least these numbers of registered voters wrapped around their heads in their respective districts for their election campaign plan, strategies and operations so as to gain the upper hand. Politics and elections are as much about numbers, representing and symbolizing the votes and the voters and in any democratic exercise, reduced to the bare bones of political power play, whoever gets the bigger number gets to win the game. It’s all about getting the higher number, the majority, or if there are several political contenders, the plurality of the total votes cast in the election that matter.