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The internet challenge - 2

Tumbas Manipis
by John A. Bello

The internet challenge now is not just the 10-year challenge in social media like Facebook and Instagram that has become the craze recently but has now gone pffft is how to let go of this vicious habit, nay, nasty addiction in fact it has become such that this total internet immersion particularly in Facebook is robbing millions of actual engagement of the real world, of doing actual work and engaging in practical and lucrative activities. The young perhaps may be excused in their nonstop ruthless immersion in their internet games but for the mature adults to be addicted in the virtual world, in Facebook or other social media platforms, is not anymore normal or perhaps, I have been out of the loop myself as it has become a new normal by now.

If you come to think of it, how much lucrative hours are being lost in this mindless immersion in Facebook which would otherwise have been used in actual beneficial work? If only it would be quantified, if only someone will undertake such a study of the total loss a country gets to suffer from this endless and nonstop addiction in the internet and, of course, in the constant tap-tap-tapping of the mobile smartphones that people have become laughably seemingly reduced to zombies who can be seen walking even in the streets with eyes mainly concentrated in their damned gadgets.

Imagine, the internet generation nowadays can do things simultaneously, multitasking in various arena and having amazing result.

But of course, this multitasking phenomenon of the millennials can only do so much and for how long? It can only be tiring and stops being effective and efficient once a certain age is reached when the joints and the muscles start to get awkward and clumsy in coordination with day to day wear and tear of the all too human body.

So the internet challenge really is to go easy on the damn thing, to slow down, to pause, to get away every once in a while or for a full stretch from it to smell the roses or in my case, to just smell the coffee and make the world seems right.

A new term for the internet millennial generation in fact has been crafted or invented called FOMO or ‘fear of missing out’ such that it seems everybody gets infected with this virus of FOMO that one gets paranoid if one cannot get to check one’s Facebook account every hour on the hour for ‘fear of missing out’ something or other in the internet highway and if so is out of the loop that if you are a millennial is simply intolerable.

Like any vicious habit or addiction in life there is simply no effective antidote to FOMO but to resort to self-cure or healing of some sort to get away from this modern malady that simply saps the human spirit. One can perhaps impose or apply to a rigorous self-control to veer away from too much internet immersion and experience some space or time with the real world bereft of the intrusion of internet.

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