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The internet challenge

Tumbas Manipis
by John A. Bello

In social media, especially in Facebook, (I’m not a denizen in Twitter or Instagram but i have come to learn it has also been the rage in these two social media websites) there is this 10-year challenge where your supposed physical appearance has been changed or transformed through the years, as you have aged in 10 years. Facebook dwellers easily get into the game posting pictures of themselves ten years ago side by side with their pictures at present. It was curiously fascinating, of course, how your own good self a decade ago compares to how you are now. Have the goddam years hit you hard, changed you slightly or awfully? Of course, as it is this Facebook, you will only put you best foot forward, so to speak, for all the world to see, admire and be amazed – to reap tens, or even hundreds of likes, hearts and comments of, what else, how you have barely changed, how still pretty or handsome you still are or have been ten years ago or some such comments of approbation from friends, colleagues and, of course, admirers.

Back in the yonder days when the internet was still the great preserve of security and defense establishments in the First World countries like the United States before it gradually spread to the Second and Third - some say Turd - World countries like our dear Philippines, internet websites and platforms then are still the stuff of science fiction. It was only in the middle part of the 1990s when it gets a foothold in our part of the world and later on, it would be a decade afterward that Facebook would begin to gain currency to the internet-crazy generation, the millennials. I, for one, got into the game in 2009 or thereabouts when I was introduced by my colleague and mustered to the wondrous realm of Facebook. From then on, there is no looking back. It was a thrilling, dizzying, amazing ride into interactive and nonstop engagements of this and that, of connecting with friends - new and old - acquaintances, families and even total strangers who happen to get into one’s sight or radar of recognition or awareness.

Once you are mustered into the world of Facebook, you are finally and irrevocably hooked. Almost everyone, from the highest corridor of power in the White House, Kremlin, Vatican and Malacanang, to the captains of industries, business moguls and entrepreneurs, down to the middle class professionals of lawyers, teachers, doctors, journalists, social workers and office clerks and further down to the lower working class of farmers, fishers and mere stevedores, storekeepers and streetsweepers have become if not denizens of Facebook, at least of the mobile smartphones. All have become netizens of the brave wired, nay, wireless world of the mobile internet technology and have gone surfing in endless communications and engagement in the seamless superhighway. Surely with the internet revolution, globalization has never been truer, never been starkly universal interconnecting the citizens of the world into one globalized phenomenon of wireless communications heretofore not seen before in history since the invention of the printing press and the initial foray of the printed word.

A news report has gone around about a supposed study or survey finding about the pervasive use by the Filipinos of Facebook that we have allegedly emerged at the top heap of heavy users of the social media platform compared to the Americans, Japanese, Chinese and other nationallities. And the funny, pesky thing is that we have even been found out to be the top user of the porn website Pornhub, which just goes to show that the Filipinos cannot be left behind even in the horny arena of erzats sexploration and proves perhaps the lusty red-blooded nature of the male species of the Filipino race. Kumbaga, bes, hindi ‘ika nagpapatumpik-tumpik ang mga Pinoy pagdating sa kaboglihan.


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