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My Journey Beyond the Four Walls of Classroom

Teacher’s Corner
by Annadel O. Gob

Things changed. The students, the parents, the administration, lesson plans, observation reports, report cards, bulletin boards, trainings, competitions, standardized testing – the list is endless but I continued to find ways to keep the fun in my classroom.

Beyond the four walls of my classroom, I also have dreams for myself. My greatest trance was to be a speaker and a facilitator in a training. Every time I see teachers conveying his cognizance, I just watched with them with an awe. I told myself that one day, I will be the one stand out. And it happened sixteen years later. I did my best. I researched. I practiced because I wanted to be the best version of myself when I faced my colleagues. And I desired more.

Pursuing a Masters degree can represent a significant commitment of time, finances and emotional energy. I earned units and planning to finish it because graduate school has a great deal of merit.

I also started feeling that I had lots of things I wanted to share with other teachers and with the invaluable help of my mentors, I started making my first steps into localized materials and writing. Then came the opportunity to explore more of myself when I attended a writeshop in developing a Science book.

Then, the opportunity knocked to a part of a local newspaper in Quezon province. I called myself a “neophyte” in writing. I write because I enjoyed in a privileged position. In exchange for not being able to participate in the issues of the community. I am given the license to observe and write it all, based on the understanding that I’ll tell everyone fairly and squarely.

Teaching goes beyond the classroom! But it has so many facets worth exploring! If I could summarise it in few words, these would be: exploring, connecting, sharing, learning.