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8 yr- old girl killed, raped by scrap collector

By Gemi Formaran
January 11, 2020
The half- naked body of Jennel Sanchez lying dead on a forested area of Brgy.Masin Sur in Candelaria, Quezon after she was allegedly strangled to death and raped by suspect Ricardo Burce who voluntarily executed an extra judicial confession to the police in the presence of lawyer Russel Miraflor (right). (Photos by Gemi Formaran)

CANDELARIA, QUEZON - After she had gone missing for 24 hours, Jannel Sanchez,8, was found lying dead in a forested portion of West Valley Subd., in Brgy. Masin Sur, here, on Monday afternoon.

Quezon provincial director, Col. Audie Madrideo said Jannel, a Grade 3 pupil was found half naked with blood stain on her private part and covered with grass by elements of Candelaria police station under Lt. Col. Jezreel Calderon.

Madrideo said the girl's confessed rapist- killer Ricardo Burce, 55, scrap and bottle collector and resident of said village was immediately collared by policemen on orders of Calderon.

In the presence of a lawyer, Madrideo said Burce admitted to have killed the girl before raping her.

In a phone interview, Calderon told this writer that his men picked up Burce after the latter was pinpointed by witnesses as the last person seen talking with the girl before she went missing.

He said Burce cooperated with the policemen and led them to the place where the girl's body was dumped, but stressed that he was not her killer.

"When we asked Burce why he knew the place if he had nothing to do with the crime, Calderon said Burce at first made an alibi saying he saw the girl forcibly picked up by three men on a van and that he heard one of them mentioning the place where the victim will be brought", said Calderon.


"Nakita ko po kasi nang ang biktima ay sapilitang isinakay sa van ng tatlong lalaki at naulinigan ko 'yong isa habang binabanggit niya ang lugar na pagdadalhan nila sa bata", Calderon quoted Burce to have said.

After a thorough questioning, Burce was finally cornered and eventually admitted perpetrating the crime.

In the presence of lawyer Russel Miraflor, he said Burce voluntarily executed an extra judicial confession admitting that he was the one who did it.

Burce told probers that the girl who lives in the same village approached him while he was alone, drinking gin on the afternoon of Sunday.

"Siya (victim) ay lumapit po sa akin habang ako ay nag- iinom ng gin mag- isa. Pinauwi niya 'yong kalaro niyang bata tapos ay sumunod siya sa akin habang ako ay naglalakad palayo", Burce said. 

Due to intoxication, Burce said he was tempted to kiss the girl several times but she resisted prompting him to choke her.

"Hinahalikan ko lang po siya pero pumapalag siya kaya sinakal ko siya at nang patay siya ay saka ko siya pinagsamantalahan", Burce said.

He told probers that he just fingered the girl due to his erection problem but Calderon said Scene of the Crime Operatives who processed the body found a blood stain on the victim's private part.

He said they are still awating the autopsy reports. 


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