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Is a criminal record holding you back?

By: Carmen Gallardo

The generation we live in shows us through movies and books that regardless of what you have done wrong, you will have the possibility to remake yourself. It shows you how the past does not define your future. However is this truly the case in the real world? Is it that simple to just start fresh with a criminal record?

Throughout the years is has become more difficult to start fresh and reinvent yourself for many individuals who have a criminal record. As of today there is approximately 9 percent of the US population who have felony convictions. Technology nowadays is made it extremely simple and less expensive for any employer or individual to access these records. It has become nearly impossible for someone to have a fresh start.

This can be extremely overwhelming for the individual who is trying to start over and turn his or her life around. For many of the individuals who have been arrested and charged with a crime the most serious repercussion is the record that is created that follows you.

A criminal record is considered by most to be the main focus of your public identity.

Regardless if you have been to jail for a day for minor offenses, or were never convicted, a criminal record will follow you after your release from prison. Because a criminal record is so easily accessible to the public, it makes it easier for you to be disqualified for public benefit programs, higher education, housing, and employment opportunities. The worst thing a criminal record can do to you is leave you with little to no options for employment which leaves you right back to the place you are trying to leave behind. A criminal record can also influence a persons ability to obtain certain professional licenses that are obligatory in a various amount of fields.

Even though it is legal for an employer to hire someone with a criminal record, the affordability and the ease to have the individual background checked is extremely enticing and many employers prescreen the applicants.

Regardless if you have a criminal record or not you are still affected by it in one way or another. The more difficult we make it for an individual with a criminal record to earn a living, he higher you as a taxpayer are going to have to pay for the social services that these individuals rely on.

However there is a solution to these problems. If you are interested in removing your criminal record and starting fresh read my following post on Gallardo Law Firm.

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