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Passwords: Aren’t They Complex To Manage?

by elena peter

Passwords are very hard to remember and manage. Businesses are investing thousands of dollars in managing customers credentials and other important information. For them, single sign-on solution is very important. The solution saves businesses from hackers and don't allow them to steal users credentials.

Hackers are trying their best to hack users’ credentials and other valuable data. So, for businesses, managing users passwords and other data is first and foremost job. Web single sign-on solution or WSSO is one of the methods that helps businesses to manage users data.

How SSO manages passwords?

Before explaining how SSO manages passwords, I would like to introduce you to the method. SSO is a technique through which users can login to dozens of applications and web services using only one set of credentials. When a user tries to access web service that is deployed with a single sign-on solution then a request is sent to identity provider. Identity provider sends a token for further authentication to data provider and after verification the data provider allows user to access the service.

Thus the solution is hundred percent secure and not hackable. SSO allows access resources only to the actual owner. The other thing is the solution is based on SAML that is security assertion markup language, this further improves the security. SSO is in very high demand these days especially among businesses that have millions of customers. Some of the other benefits of SSO apart from security are: it removes password fear, makes the web authentication quick and improves user experience.

Therefore, if you have an online business with multiple websites and you are facing trouble in managing customers credentials and data then SSO is the best solution for you. Implement the solution as soon as possible to make your users happy and improve their experience with your business to generate more leads.

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