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The power of print advertising.

Advertising Lifetime Promo:
2 column ad Page or Business Card Ads 10% discount!

Our missions are not only to provide fresh news and analysis for our readers, it’s important to us that we do what we can to help our community, to increase our town tourism, to help people who own small or new business to establish a sense of personal net worth, self-esteem and value by providing them a minimum rates of advertising, to help young or new writers to find their voice and inspire others and the last but not the least, to help victims make their voice heard.
If you liked this promo, I’m kindly asking for some help:


ONE: Word of mouth … that mystical, organic, grassroots foundation for the growth of any good product. If you liked it, share it on Facebook, or Instagram, or with your check-out line neighbor at your local mall.

TWO: Introduce it to your group. Small groups at church, Facebook groups. And you, my friend, no matter how small, or how large your group, can help good things grow because you are powerful.

THREE: Buy one for a family member or friend who you think might benefit from it.

FOUR: Leave a review on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SentinelTimesOnline Reviews help.

Thank you all!

Other Available Ad Placement:

One (1) full page 20,000
One-half (1/2) page 10,000
One-fourth (1/4)  6,000
One-eight page (1/8) 4,000

Full Colors
One (1) full page 25,000
One-half (1/2) page 12,000
One-fourth (1/4)  8,000
One-eight page (1/8) 6,000

(For online advertisements, please call our advertising department.)

All ads are posted in our newspaper and facebook page.

If you have any questions or would like preferred placement or online advertisement please call our office before placing your ad! 

To advertise in our print and website, contact us today.
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