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Our missions are not only to provide fresh news and analysis for our readers, it’s important to us that we do what we can to help our community, to increase our town tourism, to help people who own small or new business to establish a sense of personal net worth, self-esteem and value by providing them a minimum rate of advertising, to help young or new writers to find their voice and inspire others and the last but not the least, to help victims make their voice heard.

Sentinel Times Quezon Province Regional Weekly Newspaper, website, and social media reach 8 out of 10 adults in the Quezon Province and other parts of the Philippines each week. That’s over 500,000 people! Get featured, advertise, or collaborate with us! All ads are posted in our newspaper and social media accounts. If you have any questions or would like preferred placement or online advertisement please call our office before placing your ad!

To advertise on our print, radio, and website, contact us today. Print and digital options available!

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Publisher Nimfa Estrellado Sentinel Times - Lucena City, Quezon Province

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Cellphone# (Smart) 09190001601 / (Globe) 09279385896
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Sentinel Times Quezon Province Regional Weekly Newspaper is published at 0944 Enverga Boulevard, Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation, Site Village, Barangay Ibabang Dupay 4301 Lucena, Philippines.

Sentinel Times is accredited to publish legal and judicial notices, and similar notices or announcements under pertinent laws ans Supreme Court issuances ordered at Lucena City, January 9, 2019.

We look forward to doing business with you. Thanks!

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