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Sentinel Times Weekly - Overview 


Quezon province is proving to be one of the most progressive provinces in terms of development. It both rich in agriculture as well as the possibility of full industrialization. Sentinel Times is Quezon Province’s Regional Weekly Newspaper. We published in print and also on the website. We will bring you the latest news in Quezon Province and nearby provinces. We will also provide top stories from the Philippines and other countries.

The Sentinel Times Weekly Newspaper aims to vanguard the balance between the two. Established in 2017, it continues to serve the community by bringing them information on the things they need. Other details are as follows:

1. Established and founded in 2017 by Nimfa L. Estrellado and Lolitz L. Estrellado.

2. Sentinel Times Weekly Newspaper was conceptualized by mother and daughter team 
Lolitz L. Estrellado and Nimfa L. Estrellado.

3. Circulated in Lucena City and the whole province of Quezon.

4. Has editorial office at Salamillas Compound I, Purok Narra, (near Barangay Hall), 
Barangay Isabang, Lucena City, Quezon Province.

5. Frequency of publication is weekly.

6. Printed in English and the Filipino vernacular.

7. Uses desktop and offset printing processes.

8. Publisher - Ma. Nimfa L. Estrellado

9. Editor-In-Chief - Lolitz L. Estrellado

a. Contributors/Correspondent - Ruel Orinday, Gemi Formaran, Lyndon Gonzales, 
Khaye Brizuela, Brian Zagala, John Thimoty Romero, Quennie Bandalaria, 
Erchel Sheen Gabonada, Mark Joseph Barnedo

Our missions are not only to provide fresh news and analysis for our readers, it’s important to us that we do what we can to help our community, to increase our town tourism, to help people who own small or new business to establish a sense of personal net worth, self-esteem and value by providing them minimum rates of advertising, to help young or new writers to find their voice and inspire others and the last but not the least, 
to help victims make their voices heard.

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For collaboration and other business matters, you may e-mail us at contact@sentineltimes.net and message or call us through our company mobile number at 09395268676 or 09190001601 during business hours and look for Sentinel Times Publisher Nimfa Estrellado. To subscribe to our newspaper: Subscribing to Sentinel Times offers you many advantages: You save money, you can never miss any issue and you don't even have to go and buy one - we deliver our weekly issue to your address subscribe@sentineltimes.net.

We also  provide Campus Journalism Free Traning. The goal of free training is not just to teach the youth to get better at writing, but to teach them that they have a VOICE and that they should use it. To inspire, change lives and share their stories. Training is what brings out those teachable moments 
and helps to foster leaders of the future. For more info please visit: 

To contribute press release and news stories editorial@sentineltimes.net.

To join us on our legacies kindly send your resume and sample of work at hiring@sentineltimes.net please indicate your DESIRED JOB NAME as the email's subject line.

If you have been a victim of a crime, or any of your family is missing or lost relatives, or If there's just anything you need help with, let us know we will listen and YOU WILL BE HEARD! support@sentineltimes.net.

To advertise and to place a legal notice ad email us at advertise@sentineltimes.net.

For business, collaborations, and other info please email us at contact@sentineltimes.net.

To God Be The Glory 

Sentinel TImes is accredited to publish legal and judicial notices and similar notices or announcements under pertinent laws and Supreme Court issuances ordered at Lucena City, January 9, 2019.

Sentinel Times is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry Certificate No. 04097057, Business Permit and Licensing Office of Lucena City Permit No. 2018-PP-07670, and Bureau Of Internal Revenue RDO # 060 OCN 1RC0001002714, TIN No. 436-761-288-000