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A Leader Must FIGHT For His Principles

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

Although many individuals are either selected, elected, and/ or ascend, to positions of leaders, the reality is, very few of them, actually become quality, meaningful, effective, principled leaders! When any group is fortunate, enough, to identify, and choose, a leader, who possesses, and maintains, the highest degree of personal ethics, absolute integrity, and quality, relevant principles, it is important to observe, whether, that individual, proceeds, forward, despite obstacles, and maintains these assets. A true leader is an individual, who is ready, willing, able and principled - enough, to FIGHT, the good - fight, in order to maintain these, despite the temptation, of taking an easier course, or path, of least resistance! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this encompasses, and why it’s such an important characteristic, needed to be, an effective leader.

One must be willing to objectively, face the facts, rather than proceeding, in some sort of denial! Maintaining a keen - eye, on the best way, to proceed, into the future, rather than merely being popular, is the best way, to ensure the organization, will flourish, and bring his most sustainable ideas, and plans, to fruition!

Unless/ until. someone aligns his personal ideology, with that, of his organizations and stakeholders, he will be unable to proceed, with absolute integrity, combined with the ability to maintain and utilize a quality imagination, which will drive, positive, meaningful ideas, forward, in a relevant, sustainable manner!

True leaders fight, the good - fight, every day, to bring about the common good, and a healing mentality! When one realizes, he must use, both, his emotional and logical components, effectively, and consistently, he becomes better able, to proceed, with the needed, head/ heart, balance!

If a leader wishes to make a difference, for the better, he must expand his personal, comfort zone, and avoid, the often - disastrous, path, of least resistance, and procrastinate! Until/ unless, someone proceeds, in a well - considered, timely manner, he will be challenged, to effectively implement, true leadership, because he won’t be fighting, to get things, that are needed, done! True leaders FIGHT for their principles, ideas, and ideology! Will you be able to become, one of these few individuals?