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What Ethical Standards Should Elected Officials Be Held To?

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

Polls and surveys are extremely helpful in collecting information. Nearly every public opinion polls declares most Filipinos consider their politicians and public officials among the lowest in terms of how they rate in terms of integrity and ethical behavior. While this in itself should be concerning and distressing, in the past couple of years it seems many have significantly lowered their expectations. If someone focuses on a personal and political agenda perceived as benefiting some individual’s self - interest!

Philippines risks, losing respect in the rest of the world as the defender of human rights as well as attacking the basic principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

We are now in a period where we must face a battle for the soul of the nation and whether elected officials should be held to a higher ethical standard, than perhaps others.

What are ethics? Should those, we elect, serve and represent us and our best interests. How can, we be certain of their motives when there are so many ethical conflicts? This includes not only the behavior of the official himself but also those he appoints, selects, for important positions of responsibility.

Why it matters? Why are we surprised so many Filipinos appear to lack confidence in the government and are apathetic. When such unethical behavior has become the norm? How can government work for us if we make little attempt to seek a genuine meeting - of - the - minds for the common good and accept this lack of ethics as acceptable?

Today, we are witnessing perhaps, the most divided Philippines we have experienced. Wake up Philippines and demand more by getting involved and voting for individuals with genuine integrity and ethics!

There are only more or less 30 days left until Election Day and I think I can speak for most people when I say I cannot wait for political commercials and political Facebook banter to cease.

Before you vote, consider carefully what the potential elected official actually hopes for and will SEEK! Will you pay more relevant attention and be less apathetic in the future?

We must demand better from those we elect, to be our public officials! Before casting your vote or making any other decisions, be sure to take the time to perform your own research and evaluation of the candidates.