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Gov. Suarez vows full support for intensified campaign vs illegal drugs in Quezon

By Nimfa Estrellado
January 11, 2020

Governor Danilo E. Suarez

LUCENA CITY - The Quezon Provincial Government under Governor Danilo E. Suarez support the Quezon Police Provincial Office's (QPPO) intensified campaign against illegal activities in the Province of Quezon.

In what was held during the Quezon PPO's New Year's Call to the Governor in January 7, 2020, the authorities led by Police Col. Audie L. Madrideo, Provincial Director of Quezon said they have been accomplishment in the crackdown on criminality in the Province including data related to it.

While the huge percentage of QPPO's accomplishment on illegal drugs amounted to ₽ 85,505,952.05, the total amount of confiscation by authorities from January-December 2019. The accomplishment report also included other criminal activities such as the arrest of wanted persons, loose firearms (counter BOGA), anti-illegal gambling, anti-illegal logging, anti-illegal fishing and massacre of leftist groups. At the same time, the QPPO ​​also released crime rate data in the Province from 2018 to 2019, down more than seven percent.


Quezon Police is also sharing their intensified activities this 2020 including Intensified Internal Cleansing Strategy, Construction of Police Stations in Quezon, Repair of PNP Club House, Construction of QPPO ​​file storage room, Rehabilitation of several QPPO ​​buildings together with various QPPO ​​programs to combat any criminal activity in the Province of Quezon.

Meanwhile, in the message of the Father of the Province of Quezon, he is pleased to announce full support to the ranks of the police especially in its programs to suppress illegal activities in Quezon.

In this regard, Governor Danilo E. Suarez expresses his sincere gratitude to the authorities who are willing to provide services not only in times of disaster but also in celebrations held and commemorated throughout the Province of Quezon.

It is also Gov. Suarez' goal to achieve peace and order in the whole Province of Quezon, which can serve as a bridge and instrument for further development and progress and opening up opportunities for every Quezonian.


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