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Biological or psychological warfare?

By Lolitz Estrellado
June 25, 2020

In the beginning, US President Donald Trump stressed that Coronavirus 2019 (COVID 19) is the biological warfare of China.

Now in the Philippines, someone commented it is being used as psychological warfare.

Tinatakot ang mga tao. Itinanim sa isip na super deadly ang COVID-19 at walang gamot o vaccine laban dito. Nagpatupad ng lockdown. STAY HOME, STAY WHERE YOU ARE.

Some parts of the country are now under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCG), but the rest are still under GCQ.

And still, the people are living under abnormal conditions. FRIGHTENED, STRESSED, AND DEPRESSED. AND HUNGRY.

No work, no pay. Wala pa gaanong lumalabas dahil sa takot. Walang bumibiyaheng public utility vehicles (PUVS) so kahit may trabaho, hin makapasok kasi walang masakyan. Not all companies provide service vehicles. At marami ring workers, sa ibang kalapit na bayan naka destino. No, paano sila makakapasok?

The government sets a certain period under MGCQ or GCQ, but one week or a few days before it ends or before the deadline, it announces’ an extension, so the people feel dismayed and Frightened again. When will this end?

So, and go talaga, mga Kuya? Biological or psychological warfare? Take your pick.

According to China, may vaccine na sila vs COVID - 19 kaya nga everything now ay normal na sa kanila. They don’t have problems with the global pandemic anymore.

Sabi naman ni President Digong. sa 2021 pa magkakaroon ng vaccine ang Pilipinas.

EAGLE’S EYE believes in china. She also believes Pres. Digong.

In China, everything now Jis normal again, well and fine.

In the second or third Quarter of 2021, everything I will go back to normal na rin, in the Philippines. Campaigning for flee the 2022 presidential polls start, discreetly on openly, but just the same it.

Sa 2021 eepal na mga pulitikong liyan Pabida na, kung baga, para makaipon ng boto.

Bigay dito donate doon; sponsor ng medical missions pa- meeting, attend ng birthdays, magnininong sa kasal, at kung anu-ano pa, kaya para magawa mga iyan, dapat ideklara na normal na ang lahat, COVID 19 free na, at may Panlaban nang VACCINE.

Gets nyo po? Para naman kayong bago lang dito sa Pinas hehehe. Sobrang pulitika dito eh, kaya hindi maabot ang tunay na PAG-UNLAD NG MGA PINOY.

Minsan bumili ako ng Isa tindahan ni kabise. Nad lako sa tanong niya.

“Sala Duterte. Money Pacman, Peter Kahitano. Bobong Marcos. Glace Poe. Wala Lobredo. Sino plesidente mo sa kanila?” Gulat ako.

Hindi ako sumagot, syempre. Pero pagdating ko sa bahay. napaisip ako. Oo nga!


Until now, I am still thinking of the lessons taught to me by the global pandemic. This time, I am recollecting sentimentally. I’ve I come to realize I’ve been missing a lot for a long time. Simple. I things, little things that mean a lot.

I miss my only brother I left - Otoy (Rhelly). I miss my sisters - Ate Delia Ate dely, Bibang and Tikya. I suddenly remember our happy, play Full childhood; our laughter and tears when we were young.

We’ve not seen each other for a long time now. Maybe in 2021 we will be together once more and sing “Love me with I all your Heart kahit sintunado. I He, he he. I love you all.

And of course, I do miss Mama Tonia, Papa Eloy, kuya Ompong, Kuya Doming, Kuya Celso, kuyg Vir and kaya , Junior. They have been summoned by God in His Kingdom.

How hard it is to find a way so they would not see me cry. My eyes are wet.

KALIS PERA. THESPINES, Keep reading. EAGLE’SEYE keeps watching


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