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Coffee na lang (Wala na 'yong dear Ko)

By Lolitz Estrellado
Eagle's Eye
July 6, 2020

Mawalan na ng pera, 'Wag lang ng coffee (kape). Yan po si Eagles' Eye, particularly pag may deadline. Ang style po kasi natin, gather all materials during the day (For 3 days) and then write all articles news, editorial column, etc. in just one sitting, at sa gabi po ito. Now to do this, kailangan gising na gising tayo from 8:00pm to ose 4:00 am. And what keeps me awake all through the night? COFFEE, hot and pure.

Drinking coffee becomes a habit (better kesa naman drug or wine, di ga?) A number of researchers concluded that coffee stimulates the mind and reduces discomfort and fatigue. They also reported that taking coffee positively affects the performance of people who do intensive thinking improves mental performances.

Kaya last night, when I was writing this peace, at around 10:30 in the evening, naalala ko 'yong husband ko na every night I was working, he would come close and asked me What do you want, coffee, tea, juice or me? And I would answer him loud and clear, "Coffee na lang, dear."

Those were the days, when We were younger.

So when my daughten asked me last night if I Want tea, sabi ko, "Coffee na lang."

Wala na kasi ang dear ko (her Father) hasa langit na siya, and I am sure andon talaga siya kasi he is a good man. We miss you Daddy CRIS.

Let's all keep in mind and put into our lives the lessons learned from the global pandemic. God will heal us. But let us now move on. Let's go back to work, let's all go back to normal lives.

The present situation, if not stopped soon and continues to hamper ordinary people from working to earn to the needs of the family will also take the country to more serious problems, chaos and, troubles as well as social disobedience, economic downfall, and business/investment bankruptcy.

It's no longer fun in the Philippines. Today while COVID 19 still cling to us,
I'll taste your sweet Lambanog and Salabat,

A million to morrow shall all pass away.

Ere I forget all these madness and lockdowns.

I'll be a beggar and I'll be in chaos,

You'll know who I am by the looks that I have.

I'll beg from everyone and sleep on the street sides,

Who knows what tomorrow shall bring.

Only God knows.

Kalispera, thespines.

Keep reading. Eagle's Eye.

Keep watching.


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