Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel believes “Sa Catanauan may kaunlaran!”

by Nenita Ramiro-Rondera October 6, 2021 Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel CATANAUAN, Quezon - Catanauan is a serene town nestling upon grasses and ver...

by Nenita Ramiro-Rondera
October 6, 2021

Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel believes “Sa Catanauan may kaunlaran!”
Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel

CATANAUAN, Quezon - Catanauan is a serene town nestling upon grasses and verdant mountains. It is a silent beauty that peacefully sits beside the bank of its placid river; it is a mid-tropical charmer that lures tourists to plunge into the crystal light-green water of its open sea.

As always, Catanauan is fondly visited and admired both by tourists and locals for its lush idyllic surroundings picturesque in all tranquility.

If one would look closely at the geographical map of Catanauan, its shape appears like a turtle. Turtle or Testudines is an amphibian, too slow-moving and seems to be a very lazy one.

Several years ago, this town crawled turtle-like heading to the finish line of progress. It plodded unnoticed just like the other towns here in Quezon. Though it patiently moved forward to attain the development it aspired for, it hardly reached what was ahead.

During those striving years, this town could only be famous for its farm products-- coconut, and bananas and few goodies like cookies, banana chips and beef tapa. But, it has remarkably changed from 2007 to 2021.

Turtle it might had been, yet it proved to have pushed ahead surely and steadfastly in its path of success. It is a victor now, emerging as one of the most admired first-class municipalities in our country. Indeed, after such short span of time, it has paved its way to be recognized a prominent town in Bondoc Peninsula.

Behind Catanauan’s success is Mayor Ramon A. Orfanel, a leader whose integrity and leadership can be called legendar. For more than a decade, Mayor Mon stood strong, unwavering, and undefiled despite challenges and criticisms.

Since his first term of office, he has never wavered in his leadership and sincere service to people. He continuously observes, plans, organizes and utilizes all the possible means to be able to make Catanauan more competitive and outstanding particularly in terms of education, and business.

He is resolute in his vision that it can someday become a center of business progress.

He perceives that in the near future, many enthusiastic businessmen will build and even expand their businesses in this area, that it will soon to become the very site of many business investments and activities.

When that comes to pass, it shall be known as “the Business Mecca in Bondoc Peninsula”. At present, this vision is almost attained because the influx of business activities here are already flourishing. No doubt, the investors can see the potential growth of their enterprises in this town.

The ongoing constructions of SLSU and Pure Gold, as well as the establishment of QMMGMPC Medical Plaza and Eye Center are just some of the proofs that Catanauan is beginning to make a remarkable lead when it comes to business development.

Mayor Orfanel does not leave behind the other sectors which need support from the local government. Like any other systematic leaders, he has a list of priorities which he is resolved to carry out when his term continues this 2022.

If he believes that business can create employment and revenues, likewise, he trusts that sustaining the education sector can bring not just recognition but also, greater impact when it comes to inculcating good values to youth and encouraging them to become active participants of nation-building.

Currently, he assists a number of 200 scholars who are studying at different schools and universities. He often finds time to monitor their scholastic performances as well as their financial needs, thus, he can be of help when it is necessary.

Definitely, Catanauan has a long way to go yet. It must stand unfaltering and decisive against all challenges if it needs to continue its successful feat.

Now that our nation faces a pandemic which is both a peril to humanity and a hindrance to economic progress, Catanauan should believe in the significance of a good leader.

Politics can be tricky and manipulative, it is not helpful when it becomes the sole focus of its people, but when there is unity, cooperation and respect under a good leadership, Catanauan will proceed to walk steadily forward and remain one among the top municipalities in Quezon.

So, while Mayor Orfanel serves as its leader, there is hope that its notable status quo will remain unswerving.


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