Construction of the first High Density Housing starts in Antipolo City

by Lily Gut January 10, 2022 SHFC President, Atty. Arnulfo Cabling, DHSUD USec Marylin Pintor,  Antipolo Mayor Andrea Ynares and PEPCOTEK Ho...

by Lily Gut
January 10, 2022

Construction of the first High Density Housing starts in Antipolo City
SHFC President, Atty. Arnulfo Cabling, DHSUD USec Marylin Pintor, Antipolo Mayor Andrea Ynares and PEPCOTEK Homeowners'Association Inc. (Photo from Mayor Andrea Ynares FB Page)

ANTIPOLO CITY - The People's Plan Community Teamwork (PEPCOTEK) Homeowners'Association Inc. has recently started construction of the first High Density Housing in Barangay San Juan, Antipolo City.

According to Antipolo Mayor Andrea Ynares' Facebook post, the project aims to provide decent housing for approximately 1,100 families.

The project is part of the agency's High Density Housing (HDH) program, which is a slum redevelopment strategy in which informal settler families (ISFs) living along waterways and danger zones in the National Capital Region are housed in multistory buildings to ensure safe and permanent housing solutions.

“This is a testament to Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC)’s commitment to helping low-income Filipinos get access to safe, affordable, and resilient housing,” SHFC President Atty. Arnolfo Ricardo said.

“I am hoping that as we see the progress of this project our partner-homeowners will continue to practice solidarity and actively contribute to the success of this undertaking.” Cabling added.

This will be followed by another project that will be allocated to 3,000 Antipoleño families.

The same project will be built on land with a total size of 10 hectares.

For Mayor Ynares thanked SHFC for partnering with the city government, emphasizing that it is their common goal to implement a comprehensive housing development program in Antipolo to uplift the living conditions of ISFs.

PEPCOTEK is composed of 1,158 families from neighboring Marikina City with a total loan amount of P648 million for land acquisition and site development. It was mobilized by Lupang Kalinga Development, Inc. and is currently headed by Rodrigo Tadalan.

To date, the HDH has benefitted more than 42,000 families through roughly P7 billion in loan assistance. SHFC’s flagship initiative, the Community Mortgage Program, on the other hand, has assisted nearly 380,000 families, with loans released topping P18.8 billion since 1989.

SHFC is the lead agency assisting underprivileged communities in securing land tenure through shelter financing and development solutions by Building Adequate, Livable, Affordable, and Inclusive (BALAI) Filipino communities. For more info, call (+632) 7750-6337 or visit (with reports from SHFC)


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