Meet Jewel Dirain, 11, a first-timer World Taekwondo Poomsae Champion from Lucena City

by Anne Monfero May 17, 2022 Jewel Dirain LUCENA CITY - At the age of 11, Jewel Dirain, a Lucenahin pride and student from Lucena East 8 Ele...

by Anne Monfero
May 17, 2022

Meet Jewel Dirain, 11, a first-timer World Taekwondo Poomsae Champion from Lucena City
Jewel Dirain

LUCENA CITY - At the age of 11, Jewel Dirain, a Lucenahin pride and student from Lucena East 8 Elementary School, won her first taekwondo world title in the Seoul National University (SNU) Taekwondo Virtual International Championship.

The Taekwondo champion took first place in the Poomsae Taegeuk #3 Female's Under 12 Years Old G5 Category earlier this year.

Taekwondo is a Korean traditional martial art that teaches more than just physical combat techniques. Poomsae is a non-combat martial art style that expands the reach of taekwondo.

In Tagalog, her mum Erma said: "She'll always play with her sister and me when she's bored because she's always hyper. It is far preferable to engage children in physical activities rather than allowing them to become engrossed in their mobile phones and computers.

"She had always wished to be a police officer in the future, which is why she enjoys martial arts. Taekwondo classes taught her discipline. It vastly improved her knowledge and memory. She is also very active and does well in school.

Jewel's mother, Mrs. Erma Dirain, described her as a shy child who is also energetic and hyper. They've decided to enroll her in taekwondo to put her high energy to good use.

In her spare time, Jewel not only practices taekwondo but also reads and plays chess. Her interests include anime and Netflix movies. She also likes Jackie Chan.

Mrs. Dirain's method enables Jewel to review her school lessons every morning and afternoon before attending face-to-face taekwondo training on weekends and online taekwondo training in the evening.

She also mentioned that she once told her daughter to stop taking taekwondo lessons because they were too expensive, but it appears that it is now Jewel's passion.

Jewel said that she would continue to practice taekwondo until she achieved her black belt.

"I enjoy taekwondo competition and am happy when I win and receive medals," Jewel said.

Mrs. Dirain promised that she would support her daughter as much as possible.

Jewel had previously competed in numerous regional and international competitions, mainly winning silver and bronze medals. They were overjoyed when she won gold for the first time in an international competition in Seoul, Korea.

All Jewel's teachers were astounded and proudly said that she is one of their school's points of pride.

Jewel was greeted and congratulated by the Lucena East 8 Elementary School administration.

On the other hand, Jewel smiled as she thanked everyone who believed in and supported her taekwondo journey, especially her parents and sister.

Mrs. Dirain also thanked Jewel's taekwondo coach, Shiela Tarry, for being so kind and patient with her daughter's training, which resulted in her daughter's fruitful success.

Furthermore, she also stated that Jewel would continue to participate in such activities. She still has many upcoming national and international competitions scheduled, and she has promised to be by her daughter's side as she pursues her dream.

Coach Shiela Tarry's Taekwondo Summer Sports Clinics Wildcats Tkd Chapter, Lucban, Quezon, and Lucena City topped the medal table at the World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships with 10 Golds, 5 Silvers, and 4 Bronzes.

Other gold medalists are: Julius Frank Tarray Tano, Janrill Marcus Lee, Alia Francheska Liwag, Rianne Kesia Sedan, Marco Iñigo M. Diaz, Zachary Jazz Ramboyong, Zakiyah A. Tam, Elize Rhaily F. Garcia
Nate Lindell Macatangay Obmerga.

SILVER; Mhyzel Gabrielle A. Mondido, Jason Vincent O. Velasco, Ej Gaj Enal, Cleveriel M. Bambao, Jean Mikhail Zubieta

BRONZE; Rhythm Lean G. Ramboyong, Raphael Zygfrid Valde, Chareyza Erlieana Garcia -Rank8, Yuan Benedict S. Galicia - Rank9


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