Quezon province joins nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill

By Rowena Cruz The DepEd Tayo Buenavista Central ES - Buenavista Quezon Province during the nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill on Sept...

By Rowena Cruz

Quezon province joins nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill
The DepEd Tayo Buenavista Central ES - Buenavista Quezon Province during the nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill on September 7, 2023. (Photo from thier FB)

LUCENA CITY - The Quezon Province participated in the third quarter National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) on Sept. 7, 2023, to enhance their preparedness and response in the event of a major earthquake.

The drill aims to simulate real-life scenarios and test the efficiency of emergency protocols, ensuring that residents are well-equipped to handle such emergencies.

The NSED has served as a platform for promoting awareness and educating the public on earthquake safety measures.

Various government agencies, local government units, schools, and private organizations collaborate in organizing and conducting the drill.

The participation of different sectors of society ensures a comprehensive and coordinated approach to earthquake preparedness and response.

The Office of Civil Defense (OCD) plays a crucial role in coordinating and overseeing the NSED. They work closely with other government agencies to ensure that all necessary resources and support are provided during the drill.

The OCD also evaluates the effectiveness of the drill and identifies areas for improvement in earthquake preparedness plans.

The first quarter NSED took place on March 9 with a magnitude 7.2 earthquake as the scenario, while the second quarter NSED was conducted on June 8.

The OCD earlier reminded the public to observe the following steps or protocols when an earthquake occurs:
*When inside a building, stay calm and do the "Duck, Cover, and Hold."
*Duck under a strong table and hold on to it. Stay alert for potential threats.
*Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy objects.
*After the shaking stops, exit the building and go to the designated evacuation area.
*When you are outside, move to an open area, stay away from buildings, trees, electric posts, and landslide-prone areas, and
*If you are in a moving vehicle, stop and exit the vehicle.
Meanwhile, the OCD reiterated its call to the public and its media partners to continuously support the government's effort to build public awareness on disasters and safety using Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) information tools and sources.

It also stated that it supports the following tools, which were created to assist communities in understanding the threats of hazards and taking the necessary steps and activities to build safety and resilience: the Information Chart ng Mamamahayag tungkol sa mga Sakuna at Kalamidad, which can be downloaded at https://ocd.gov.ph/attachments/category/18/Broadcasters_Manual.pdf. (with reports from PNA)


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