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General Luna Mayor Florido inks partnerships with other countries in South Korea

By Nimfa Estrellado General Luna Mayor Matt Erwin Florido and Mayor 우승희 Woo Seung Hee the historical signing of the Memorandum of Understand...

By Nimfa Estrellado

General Luna Mayor Florido inks partnerships with other countries in South Korea
General Luna Mayor Matt Erwin Florido and Mayor 우승희 Woo Seung Hee the historical signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea on November 8, 2023. (Photo from Mayor Matt Florido Withaheart /FACEBOOK)

GENERAL LUNA, Quezon - In celebration of his birthday, Mayor Matt Erwin Florido flew to South Korea not to enjoy a vacation but to forge partnerships with the country. Recognizing the shortage of rural manpower in South Korea, Mayor Florido sought to establish collaborations that would address this issue and benefit both nations.

The General Luna Mayor signed the Memorandum of Understanding on November 8, 2023, in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea, with Mayor 우승희 Woo Seung Hee, solidifying the commitment of both parties to the partnership. The partnership aims to establish a mutually beneficial exchange program, allowing skilled workers from General Luna to work in South Korea while gaining valuable experience and contributing to the country's economy.

The signing ceremony was attended by government officials and representatives from various industries, highlighting the importance of this collaboration in addressing the shortage of rural manpower and fostering international cooperation. It also demonstrates the shared commitment of the mayor of General Luna and Yeongam-gun to actively address the challenges faced by their respective regions and explore innovative solutions through this partnership.

Mayor Florido expressed gratitude for the opportunity to build ties with Yeongam-gun and strive toward mutual development. He expressed optimism that this partnership will bring about significant advancements in both regions, particularly in the areas of agriculture, tourism, and technology transfer.

"Today marks a rare and valuable opportunity for our farmers. The chance to work in Korea will have a profound impact on improving the lives of many of my constituents. This program is not about agriculture; it's about empowerment and transformation," Florido said.

He said General Luna, the Philippines, and Yeongam-gun South may be geographically distant, but neighbors and friends share a common vision for the well-being of communities and the development of their respective economies. Florido emphasized that this program will not only benefit the farmers economically but also empower them to create positive change in their communities.

He stressed that the partnership is meaningful to him as it coincides with his 47th birthday, making the signing memorable and significant. Florido expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with Yeongam-gun South and looked forward to the positive impact this partnership would have on both regions.

MOA is dubbed ‘Foreign Seasonal Worker Exchange Business Agreement’ with Mongolia’s Balun Bayan Ulan County and the Philippines’ for the three countries to collaborate on the exchange of seasonal workers.

This agreement aims to create opportunities for workers from Mongolia, the Philippines, and South Korea to gain valuable experience in different industries and contribute to the economic development of their respective countries. Additionally, it seeks to promote cultural understanding and strengthen diplomatic ties between the three nations.

In the agreement, Yeongam-gun pledged to provide jobs and training opportunities for residents of the partnering country, while the local governments in Mongolia and the Philippines pledged to support the recruitment and placement of skilled workers from their respective countries. This collaboration aims to enhance economic development in all three regions by leveraging each country's strengths and addressing labor market demands effectively.

Yeongam-gun will also transfer advanced agricultural technologies and knowledge to the partnering country, promoting sustainable farming practices and increasing agricultural productivity. This knowledge transfer will not only benefit the partnering country's agricultural sector but also contribute to food security and rural development.

Seasonal workers from Mongolia and the Philippines will come to Yeongam in April next year after completing preliminary procedures, they will be placed on farms with labor shortages after receiving approval from the Ministry of Justice. These seasonal workers will bring valuable skills and expertise in agricultural practices from their home countries, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of farms in Yeongam.

Yeongam County Mayor Woo Seung-hee said, “Through this partnership agreement, farms will be able to conduct stable management by receiving human resources from Mongolia and the Philippines.”

“We will ensure that people from Mongolia and the Philippines can earn income and work safely in the warm atmosphere of Yeongam, leading to active exchanges,” he said.

This year, Yeongam-gun responded to the demand for labor by assigning 291 foreign seasonal workers to farms and inviting the families of married immigrant women to participate in the agricultural workforce. The business agreement will further strengthen this initiative by providing additional human resources from Mongolia and the Philippines, contributing to the overall stability and growth of the farming industry in Yeongam.

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