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Daycare workers in Quezon receive ₱12,000 incentive, honored for their dedicated service

By Nimfa Estrellado Daycare workers celebrate their hard work and dedication at the annual convention on June 11, 2024 at the Quezon Convent...

By Nimfa Estrellado

Daycare workers in Quezon receive ₱12,000 incentive, honored for their dedicated service
Daycare workers celebrate their hard work and dedication at the annual convention on June 11, 2024 at the Quezon Convention Center, receiving well-deserved recognition for their contributions to the community. (Photo from Quezon PIO)

LUCENA CITY, Quezon - Daycare Worker's Day was celebrated with much fanfare in Quezon Province on June 11, 2024, as 1,491 child development workers (CDWs) gathered at the Quezon Convention Center for their annual convention. The highlight of the event was the distribution of ₱12,000 incentives to each CDW, a gesture recognizing their invaluable contributions to the well-being and development of the province's children.

The joyous occasion was also marked by special recognition for 268 CDWs who have dedicated over 25 years of their lives to serving their communities. These long-serving individuals received additional incentives and awards for their exceptional dedication and commitment to nurturing young minds.

Governor Angelina "Doktora Helen" Tan lauded the CDWs, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping the future of Quezon Province. "Your work is the cornerstone of our children's growth and education," the governor stated. "You provide the love, care, and guidance they need to thrive, and we are deeply grateful for your unwavering service."

Furthermore, Gov. Tan emphasized the need for daycare workers to focus not only on preparing the child for school but also the mother. "The mother's involvement in her child's education is crucial," the governor stated. "By empowering and equipping mothers with the necessary knowledge and tools, we can create a stronger foundation for our children's academic success."

In particular, the governor highlighted the importance of reading and nutrition in early childhood development. "The challenge lies in instilling a love for reading in our children from a young age," the governor said. "By fostering a reading culture in our homes and daycare centers, we can unlock a world of opportunities for our children and set them on a path towards lifelong learning."

Additionally, the governor stressed the significance of proper nutrition in early childhood. "A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind," the governor said. "By ensuring that our children receive adequate nutrition, we are not only promoting their physical well-being but also enhancing their cognitive development."

Gov. Tan went further to describe daycare workers as "navigators" who guide both children and parents through the crucial early years of development. "You are the first teachers our children encounter, and your influence extends beyond the classroom walls," the governor said. "You are not only educators but also mentors, counselors, and advocates for our children and their families."

Acknowledging the dedication and hard work of the CDWs, the governor also highlighted the various benefits available to them through the provincial government. "We value your service and are committed to providing you with the necessary support," the governor said. "This includes not only financial incentives but also training opportunities, resources, and access to healthcare."

The governor also assured the CDWs of the provincial government's full support, stating, "Any problems encountered by the child or their family can be brought to our provincial government satellite offices. We are committed to ensuring that no child is left behind, and we will work hand in hand with you to address any challenges that may arise."

The convention was not only a time for appreciation but also a showcase of talent and camaraderie. Attendees participated in various competitions, including the Zumba Dance Challenge, Singing Contest, and Mutya ng Child Development Workers 2024, fostering a sense of unity and celebration among the CDWs.

This year's Daycare Worker's Day celebration in Quezon Province stands as a testament to the province's commitment to recognizing and valuing the essential work of its child development workers. Through incentives, awards, a pledge of support, and a day filled with festivities, the event reinforced the message that CDWs are cherished members of the community and their contributions are deeply appreciated.

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