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Public school teachers to get doubled allowance under new law

By Nimfa Estrellado Philippine educators. (Photo from DepEd) LUCENA CITY, Quezon - In a win for educators, President Ferdinand Marcos J...

By Nimfa Estrellado

Public school teachers to get doubled allowance under new law
Philippine educators. (Photo from DepEd)

LUCENA CITY, Quezon - In a win for educators, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has signed House Bill No. 7720, officially enacting the "Kabalikat sa Pagtuturo Act" into law. Authored by Quezon 4th District Representative Keith Micah “Atty. Mike” Tan, the legislation significantly increases the annual cash allowance provided to public school teachers handling the basic education curriculum.

The "Kabalikat sa Pagtuturo Act" aims to address the financial burden often faced by teachers in purchasing essential teaching supplies and materials. It will also provide support for unexpected expenses and the implementation of various teaching methods.

"We are incredibly grateful to President Marcos for recognizing the importance of our teachers' well-being," said Cong, the bill's author and Assistant Majority Leader of the House. "This law demonstrates a commitment to improving the quality of education for our youth."

Teachers currently get an annual teaching payment known as a 'chalk allowance' of P5,000. However, due to rising prices, this chalk allowance is no longer adequate. On occasion, the teacher uses his or her own money to purchase these instructional resources.

Teachers now require internet connections, electricity, laptop computers, and other tools in addition to chalk and other classroom equipment for mixed styles of instruction in order to teach more effectively.

According to historical data, public school teachers have been paid inadequate funding for the actual act of teaching.

In 1988, they only earned a P100 allowance, followed by P200 in 1989-1992, P300 in 1993-2007, P500 in 2008, P700 in 2009-2011, P1,000 in 2012-2014, P1,500 in 2015-2016, P2,500 in 2017, P3,500 in 2018-2020, and P5,000 from 2021 onward.

The new law effectively doubles the current P5,000 annual teaching allowance, with the increase taking effect starting school year 2025-2026. Notably, these additional benefits will be tax-free for teachers.

"This additional allowance is a significant step forward for both our teachers and students," Cong. Tan explained. "We hope it will alleviate the financial burden of purchasing teaching materials, allowing educators to focus on delivering the best possible education."

Rep. Tan was among the esteemed guests invited to witness the historic signing ceremony held at the Malaca├▒ang Palace on Monday, June 3, 2024. The enactment of the "Kabalikat sa Pagtuturo Act" marks a positive development in recognizing the vital role teachers play in shaping the future of the Philippines.

During the signing of the 'Kabalikat sa in Pagtuturo Act', which was primarily authored and sponsored by Senator Ramon 'Bong' Revilla, Jr. On June 3, 2024, President Marcos said the newly-approved law will alleviate some of the teachers' personal financial difficulties, which they bear for the sake of their students and their passion for their job.

“For decades, they have willingly taken on the burden of having to spend their own money on classroom supplies to aid them in teaching,” President Marcos said.

“It must take an incredible amount of love to sacrifice what little you have for the sake of your students despite having financial worries of your own,” he added. “With the passage of this law, we are easing some of the burden that you carry each day,” he pointed out.

In his speech at the ceremonial signing of the "Kabalikat sa Pagtuturo Act", the President praised teachers for fully embracing their jobs and obligations. He also commended the House of Representatives and the Senate for their efforts to enact the bill.

“We listened, we persevered, and we took action,” President Marcos said. “They embraced this wholeheartedly as their responsibility, as part of their duty as teachers, as part of their vocation,” he stressed.

“So, at this point, I would like to convey my gratitude to our colleagues in the House of Representatives and of the Senate for pursuing this long-overdue increase,” he added.

The President urged his fellow workers in both Houses of Congress to continue working together to make laws and build foundations for Bagong Pilipinas.

“So, with these, I implore our fellow workers in both Houses of Congress: Let’s continue working together to make a difference in our people’s lives. Let us continue to write and pass these laws based on foresight, not on reaction. Continue building the foundations of a Bagong Pilipinas – a nation where people’s needs are attended to so that they can focus on doing what is best for themselves, and for their families, and for their communities, and thereby for their country,” he stated. (with reports from Senate of the Philippines)

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