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Tayabas City strives to retain Crown Maintenance Award in National Nutrition Evaluation

By Rowena Cruz Tayabas City Mayor Lovely Reynoso-Pontioso along with National Nutrition Evaluation Team during the city's nutrition eval...

By Rowena Cruz

Tayabas City strives to retain Crown Maintenance Award in National Nutrition Evaluation
Tayabas City Mayor Lovely Reynoso-Pontioso along with National Nutrition Evaluation Team during the city's nutrition evaluation presentation on held from June 4-6, 2024 in Tayabas City, Quezon. (Photo from CICRO Tayabas)

TAYABAS CITY, Quezon -Tayabas City recently underwent a comprehensive three-day evaluation  by the National Nutrition Evaluation Team (NNET) to assess its eligibility to retain the prestigious Crown Maintenance Award from the National Nutrition Council (NNC), demonstrating the city's ongoing commitment to improving community nutrition.

Tayabas City Mayor Lovely Reynoso-Pontioso kicked off the evaluation with a presentation highlighting the city's multi-faceted approach to nutrition, encompassing targeted interventions for vulnerable groups and sustained efforts to promote healthy eating habits among all residents. "Our commitment to nutrition is unwavering," Mayor Reynoso-Pontioso declared. "We firmly believe that a well-nourished populace is the foundation of a prosperous and thriving city."

The NNET, comprising experts from various national agencies, embarked on site visits to critical facilities like the Barangay Health Station, Tayabas Lactation Hub, and the Nutrition Center for Demographic Research (NCDC). These visits allowed the team to witness firsthand the positive impact of the city's nutrition programs, observe the dedication of healthcare providers and nutrition workers, and gather valuable insights from beneficiaries. Christine Jane Almira, Nutrition Officer II from the NNC, commended the city's efforts, stating, "Tayabas City's commitment to serving its community through comprehensive nutrition programs is truly inspiring."

The evaluation culminated with a presentation of initial findings by the NNET to the City Nutrition Council (CNC). This collaborative session fostered a constructive dialogue, with the NNET offering valuable feedback and recommendations, and the city officials reaffirming their commitment to further enhancing their nutrition initiatives. Manel Zaporteza-Chong, head of the City Nutrition Office, expressed gratitude for the NNET's insights, stating, "We will utilize this feedback to strengthen our programs and ensure that every Tayabasin has access to adequate nutrition."

The Crown Maintenance Award serves as a testament to the city's sustained commitment to prioritizing nutrition programs and achieving positive outcomes in the nutritional status of its residents. The City Nutrition Office, under the leadership of Manel Zaporteza-Chong and in collaboration with the CNC, is actively addressing the validation requirements and ensuring comprehensive documentation of all nutrition-related endeavors.

As the city eagerly awaits the final results of the evaluation, its unwavering dedication to the well-being of its citizens remains at the forefront. "We are confident that our continuous efforts will pave the way for a healthier and more vibrant future for all Tayabasins," Mayor Reynoso-Pontioso affirmed. The city's pursuit of the Crown Maintenance Award underscores its belief that good nutrition is not merely an accolade but a fundamental right and a cornerstone of a thriving community.

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