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Pagbilao players kick off Mayor Gigi Portes Cup 2024 with star-studded opening

By Rowena Cruz Pagbilao players with their opponents, led by Alvin Patrimonio, at the recent Mayor Gigi Portes Cup 2024 in Pagbilao, Quezon....

By Rowena Cruz

Pagbilao players kick off Mayor Gigi Portes Cup 2024 with star-studded opening
Pagbilao players with their opponents, led by Alvin Patrimonio, at the recent Mayor Gigi Portes Cup 2024 in Pagbilao, Quezon. (Photo from Alagang Mayor Ate Gigi Portes)

PAGBILAO, Quezon – The Pagbilao players recently took center stage at the opening of the Mayor Gigi Portes Cup 2024 (MCup2024), marking the start of an exciting sports tournament filled with talent, camaraderie, and community spirit.

Led by Mayor Angelica "Ate Gigi" Portes-Tatlonghari, the grand opening ceremony was a resounding success. The festivities kicked off with a vibrant and lively parade featuring both renowned artists and skilled athletes, setting the tone for an action-packed tournament.

According to Mayor Portes-Tatlonghari , the MCup 2024 aims to promote sportsmanship and unity among the youth of Pagbilao, while also showcasing the town's rich talent in various sports disciplines. The tournament is expected to bring together athletes from different barangays, schools, and organizations to compete in friendly yet competitive matches.

She also emphasized the importance of fostering camaraderie and healthy competition among the participants, encouraging them to give their best in every game. The mayor expressed her gratitude to all the sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who made the event possible and wished all the athletes good luck in their respective competitions.

The afternoon was further heated up by the presence of a star-studded lineup of guest players, including Alvin Patrimonio, Mark Herras, Marco Gumabao, Gab Lagman, Paolo Gumabao, Neil Coleta, Young JV, Matt Evans, and Argel Saycon. These celebrities showcased their athletic prowess and team loyalty as they participated in an All-Star Game, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Alvin Patrimonio expressed his gratitude for being able to join the tournament and congratulated the organizers for putting together such a successful and entertaining event. The presence of these celebrities not only added star power to the tournament but also helped raise awareness for the cause it was supporting.

He also stressed how important basketball in the Philippines and discipline in sports are for the youth, encouraging them to stay active and disciplined in pursuing their passions. This event served as a platform for these celebrities to inspire and motivate others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through sports.

The MCup 2024 promises thrilling matches across various sports disciplines, showcasing the best talents in the region. Beyond the competition, the tournament aims to foster a sense of unity and sportsmanship among participants and spectators alike.

With the Pagbilaoins players leading the charge, the Mayor Ate Gigi Portes Cup 2024 is set to be a memorable celebration of sports, talent, and community spirit.

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