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Was Everything Fine Before Duterte Became President?

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

Due to Duterte’s foul mouth, he has received more media coverage than any other president, and this has also meant that certain people have spent more time talking about him than they usually would. It is as though some people can’t stop thinking about Duterte; their whole like appears to revolve around him.

But, regardless of how often someone thinks about him, it is almost certain that they will receive approval if they criticise him online. In a lot of cases, it’s as if he is the worst person ever, and, if someone doesn’t agree with this outlook, they will probably end up being labelled.

While the mainstream media doesn’t have as much control as it used to, there are still a lot of people who look to this source to be informed about what is going on. Here in Luzon, most of the media outlets have been against Duterte.

In Mindanao, on the other hand, there are a number of news sources that are fully behind him, no matter what he does. Now, clearly someone doesn’t need to be extremely perceptive to see that the guy has issues.

As a result of this, it hasn’t been hard for the media to find things to focus on, and, if they can’t find anything worth talking about, they will be happy to make something up. The trouble is that if someone accepts everything the mainstream media tells them, they can end up being manipulated.

By making out that Duterte is causing all these problems, it can be easy to believe that everything was fine before he got into power. What this then does is make Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III look like some kind of saint in comparison.

Therefore, if Aquino was still in power everything would be fine. This also validates the people who believe that all duterte supporters are bigots; as if everything was fine before, there is no way that these people could have actually had any real concerns.

But while it would be easy to go along with this outlook, this would overlook the fact that Duterte is, in many ways, another rotten apple on a tree that has produced many over the years. He is just the latest of a long line of people who are mere puppets for the establishment... Turn to p/3

Sure, he is nothing like Aquino in terms of how he behaves, but he is part of a plan that has most likely been in place for many, many years. Duterte is like the person who jumps into a pool while Aquino was like someone who gently slides into a pool, but this is just a facade.

The mainstream media is there to distract people from what is actually going on, and this is why Duterte is the perfect president in this regard. When someone is completely focussed on the Duterte show, it is going to stop them from seeing the bigger picture.It could be said that there are two ways to change the world; the first is to try to control others, the second is to lead by example. The former is appealing, but it is morally wrong, and this is why the right thing to do is to be an example to others.