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Miss Trans - Universe

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

“Having a vagina doesn’t make a woman.” - Miss Spain 2018.

Yes when it’s fake, only having a REAL VAGINA you can experience getting a monthly period and bearing children, something you will never understand or experience! Cutting off your penis doesn’t make you a woman either.

I respect the LGBT COMMUNITY, but I gotta say this year’s MISS UNIVERSE is a bit unfair for allowing a woman created by science to compete in Miss Universe. There’s another pageant specifically for transwoman right? MISS UNIVERSE IS TO GLORIFY WOMANHOOD. Women that were born, not made. Based from gender at birth. DNA wise, he is still a man. No amount of surgery, hormone injections or anything else will change someone’s DNA from a man’s to a woman’s (or vice versa). No operation can change the fact that HE is a BOY. He wasnt born a woman. That’ll never change no matter the intensity of one’s own belief to the contrary.

He is a man, not a woman. Miss Universe is about empowerment for women, not transgender. That alone sums it up. Even the people who are part of LGBT, thinks that this is unfair. They know and respect the boundaries. They know and acknowledge they don’t join pageants and sports competitions for women. At the end of the day he is still a ‘man’. I support their kind with my whole heart. I can fight for their rights. But this is a bit unfair for the women all over the world especially in that pageant.

As what Catriona Gray said, Spain didn’t wake up one day and feel like she’s a woman because she is a woman.

“Miss” Spain felt inside of him that he is a woman so many people considered him as a woman. What if I felt inside of me that I am God? Would you consider me as God? I bet you won’t.

The truth is the truth, if you don’t want to believe it. I’m not against the person. I’m against the idea.

I find Spanish women as some of the most beautiful females in the World. So it is such a tremendous shock to me how come that a Spanish man will represent them in this most prestigious beauty pageant. The pageant that I thought only exclusive for WOMEN in the universe.

Some people say the rules changed so deal with it, organizers have the final say. She already transitioned from man into a woman. She are allowed to join the competition because she went through the same process of winning her country’s national title. If the whole spain decided to bring her to the pageant and support her, what the f*ck do we even care. There’s nothing we can do. Miss Universe pageant itself is evolving, constantly changing, adapting to the modern world without disregarding its true vision and mission. A rant won’t change a thing. Besides its not her fault she’s there. The organizers are the ones who let her compete. What can we do if the Miss Universe allowed transwoman in their pageant?

But I think the true essence of Miss Universe is gone.

Who ever says he is now a woman is crazy, he’ll never be one. She is not a WOMAN she is TRANS WOMAN. Adam’s apples still prominent, have vagina but no uterus, and lastly still have XY Chromosomes. Have you ever think it’s fair for every contestant? They’re loosing their confidence by competing to someone who is technically and scientifically made. You can’t even defend that with science. WOMAN is a human with a WOMB. Who experience dysmenorrhea, with hormones that changes its mood before and after menstrual flow. Whose pimples comes and go along with that monthly visitor. Who bleeds every month. Whose boobs grows on its own and unevenly. You can't just change womanhood. I have no hatred or whatsoever but please lets draw the line clear. Trans are trans, not women.

I believe in Gender Equality, but it should be in the right place, too much gender equality freedom is abusive of rights.

LGBT is accepted but don’t confuse acceptance with accordance. Even if the world is becoming more relative, that doesn’t mean that people’s principles need to change. You have your beliefs and so other people. Just because they don’t adjust doesn’t mean that they are not moving forward. Its being so ambitious that even boundaries are neglected, disrespected. Respect starts in ourself and not in others.

Miss Spain is surgically enhanced to actually look like a woman, not just a minor surgery but a major surgery. A transwoman winning Miss Universe would actually bring some sort of embarassment for the majority of the candidates who are naturally born woman. (If ever Ms. Spain would win). Its possible that in the succeeding years of Miss Universe, many transgender would have the encouragement to participate, destroying the thin line of separation between transwomen and natural born women. Acceptance is different from tolerance. Yes we can accept and respect their decision towards sex reasignmnet, but that doesnt mean we tolerate them by acquring all the rights that only a naturally born women can have.

God willing, we hope for the best, for us and them. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

Anyway let’s support Catriona Gray in whatever way we can! Go Catriona, get that crown! We’re rooting for you!