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Sharing your Satellite Internet Connection

by Larry McLemore

Sharing your Satellite Internet Connection

Do you have Satellite Internet? If so here is something you might not know. You can share the Internet with others by becoming a hotspot. A hotspot is a location where wireless or Wi-Fi Internet is available. You can send your signal to Rver's that are near, allowing them to connect to the Internet from your signal. You might ask why would you want to do that? There are several reasons, maybe you are traveling with another rver that does not have Internet capability's. Maybe some of the members of your club only have slow dialup or you might be in an area where only Satellite is available. Or maybe you would like to make enough money to pay for your own service by charging others to use your signal.
In order to do this, you will need a 802.11b or 802.11g wireless router. Prices are great right now and you can get one for as little as $30 on up to several hundred. As a rule, the more you pay for a router, the further you can send your signal. The router fits inline with your modem and is very easy to connect up. You will probably have to use the product support and talk to a tech the first time you configure it, then after that you should have no problem.
The person or persons you are sending the signal to, will need an adapter, see www.rvinginfo.com. Once they have the adapter, they will be able to access other free hotspots as well. Here is a list of www.wififreespot.com
You have to keep in mind that with a network setup like this, you can share files, such as your documents, but if you do that, anyone connected to the network will be able to access the files that you are sharing. So the best thing to do is not to activate any file sharing, but if you feel you want to any way, then at least require a password so only those that you want to can access your files. One other thing, as more people connect using your signal, the signal speed will slow, however it will still be much faster than dialup.

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