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Religion Politics and Election Part 1

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

The lower self does not want anyone to receive anything from any body else, and if it is aware of someone receiving a special boon, it seeks to destroy it. -Rumi

* *

In the Philippines there is no separation of ‘church and the government’ which means that generally religion spirituality is not kept out of elections and governing. The power of the Church (Iglesia Ni Cristo) often influenced people’s lives. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a politically influential group in the Philippines. INC members are being intructed during elections to vote the politicians that the INC leadership are endorsing.

According to marhaba-pilipini.blogspot.com, unity has been a known character of the Iglesia Ni Cristo members as far as I can remember. This ‘unity’ of INC members is greatly associated with politics especially during elections. The bloc-voting doctrine of Iglesia Ni Cristo made the INC cult quite popular among politicians. Overestimation of INC members would also usually land on daily newspapers. The most overestimated numbers I have read is reaching 8million INC members (Filipinos are 90+million plus). I seriously doubt that INC members are really that great because even with Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsements, some politicians still lose in the previous elections. Not even Satan can deny the involvement of Iglesia Ni Cristo in Philippine politics. The unity and discipline in the Iglesia Ni Cristo among Manalo members is to protect the family fortune and political power. The unity and discipline in the Iglesia Ni Cristo among its members is to follow whatever the political decisions of the reigning INC executive minister is a sealed-pact with Satan whenever someone decided to join Iglesia Ni Cristo. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult in the Philippines.

Today, politics in Philippines is mostly about money and the use of power; with its religion of capitalism. Here in the land of the free; first and foremost money rules and social agendas mostly take a second place. Also, you cannot really get elected in the Philippines unless you are wealthy or have a power base that has money to fund your election campaign. The cost of advertisements and getting your platform out there for people to understand; is very expensive.

If you ask most Filipinos they will say, the most important challenge for the next government officials is our Economy and making more jobs available. Yes, people need to eat and having a job to make money is very important; however, along with this there is rarely any discussion about the quality of people’s lives, and how to make better people that will help solve our present societal problems.