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Mayor Eric B. Africa gears up to a developed and global Lipa City

August 10, 2019

Mayor Eric B. Africa
LIPA CITY - A month into his term as the Local Chief Executive, Mayor Eric B. Africa makes sure that he delivers the change that he promised during the election period. His "Bangon Lipa" catch praise is now converted to "Bagong Lipa" as he initiates changes in governance and strategies, gearing up to a truly and progressive global city.

Even before his inauguration on July 1. 2019, he spearheaded a massive clean-up drive, starting with the clearing and repainting of the city hall. This was followed by the major clean-up of Candido B. Lopez Memorial Public Market. The vendors and stall owners at the public market joined the cause. The cleanliness drive was also conducted in several public establishments, and the barangays followed through

On his first day, he issued an executive order granting senior citizens pension. This is to cover the majority of the senior citizens in Lipa which are not covered by the national program.

Mayor Africa was unstoppable the whole month of July going to the office earlier than the employees to perform his daily tasks. He also regularly visits offices to check on the employees and to make sure that the delivery of services is done effectively and efficiently. Among other things, he met college and senior high school students who are applying for scholarship assistance. He also met with various sectors and beneficiaries of medical, burial and financial assistance.


Believing that the Lipa City Plaza Independencia plays a vital role in the history and culture of Lipa, Mayor Africa implemented LIPAsiklaban 2019 which initially featured Battle of the Bands. This was just a beginning as there will be a monthly event slated at the Plaza paving the way for various performances of local talents and making the Plaza a center for cultural activities. The monthly events will also provide a chance for the small food businesses as the night market is simultaneously in activity with the cultural presentations.

In the midst of the problem on dengue plague, the City Government through the City Health Office started fogging and misting in the barangays. This is in addition to the general clean-up activities being implemented all throughout the barangays and major information campaign. Mayor Africa will make sure that dengue is contained.

Last week, Mayor Africa led the feeding program for the children at Day Care Centers in Pangao and San Celestino. They were also given free PE uniforms.

As the Local Chief Executive of Lipa, Mayor Eric B. Africa will continue to innovate programs and projects for the common good of the people. Livelihood projects will be expanded to cater to the needs of those at the disadvantaged sector.

Presently, he is preparing for the formulation of the Executive-Legislative Agenda. His plans and platform of government will be laid down. Under his administration, people can expect more concrete and relevant projects. As he promised, Lipa will take shape into a truly progressive and global community through more empowered people, better governance and more advanced, efficient and effective delivery of public service.


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