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Man who survived from Batangas tells his coronavirus story

By Lolitz Estrellado
April 11, 2020

Khim Perculeza

BATANGAS CITY - Now that he has survived from COVID-19, Batangas City resident Khim Perculeza, 24, introduced as no.4 patient, shared his experiences fighting the disease, to help others do the same and thanked those who helped him, during his illness.

Khim did not understand how he got the disease but felt he had a fever and went to town and looked to the doctor until the result came out that he was positive for the virus.

He did everything he could not pass the disease to other people, especially his family.

This was the ultimate test that came into his life.

He experiences panic, sadness, and fear in which the physical, emotional and mental pain is inflicted.

But the most common illnesses were the negative treatment he gets on social media and the discrimination his family experienced that brought their work to a halt.

There's also fake news that he fled the city and was captured by the SWAT team.

He had to deactivate his Facebook account so he could focus on recovering.


He became positive in his attitude and used his singing and music abilities to entertain himself.

With the help and support of his family and friends, the local government and the care of doctors and nurses, he overcame this difficult battle of his life.

Above all, his faith and no confidence, that God will not forsake him.

As the world is experiencing today, he said that other people should have sympathy, sensitivity, and respect for the privacy of COVID patients.

Above all are love and kindness.

Khim expresses his gratitude to the doctors and nurses of Batangas Medical Center who take good care of him, to City Health Officer Rosanna Barrion and their other staff.

He also thanked Mayor Beverley Dimacuha and the city for their help and support.

He told COVID patients to “ Be strong, have faith in God and put your trust in the doctors and nurses that are doing their best to nurse you back to recovery. I assure you that things will get better, just don’t give up."


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