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The local economy should be strengthened despite the covid crisis - Mayor Palicpic

By Nimfa Estrellado
June 1, 2020

Local economy, should be strengthened despite the covid crisis - Mayor PalicpicMayor Shierre Ann Portes-Palicpic (Photo by Maria Arrian)

PAGBILAO, Quezon - Municipal Mayor Shierre Ann Portes-Palicpic outlined in her Facebook post, economic pump-priming activities or action to stimulate the economy in the town of Pagbilao, Quezon, which she aims to achieve. According to her, this will help revitalize the town’s economy in the face of the threat of coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19).

Pump priming assumes that the economy must be prioritized in order to enhance development and function properly again. In this regard, government spending is assumed to stimulate private spending, which in turn should lead to economic expansion.

The major priorities of Mayor Palicpic are education, health, nature and environmental care, lifestyle, development of tourism, social services, and peace and order. She added that it would also include the supplemental budget and the budget for next year.

As the community of Pagbilao town continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Palicpic understands the many struggles people face. She is committed to supporting people in this crisis by delivering financial services and offers a solution to the crisis problem.

"The economic pump-priming activities will be focusing on the issue of further strengthening the local economy of Pagbilao. The health sector will be included in order to make people in the community healthier and physically strong. We will also provide a sustainable supply of agricultural demand and encourage the investors to continue to invest here in Pagbilao.” Mayor Palicpic said.

Mayor Palicpic reiterates that there are other Pagbilao programs that she will be sharing in the next few days.

"It is estimated that the start of our recovery is 2022," she said.

She encourages the heart of their constituents to carry on,"Kaya yan, tayo pa bang PagbilaoWINS ang hahamunin? Huwag kami, di kita susukuan, COVID-19 ka lang."

She urged her people to follow COVID-19 health measures, "Mas madami na pong lugar ang naka GCQ, mag ingat po tayo. Ako po ay natatakot, pero haharapin natin ito. Mas ibayong kaalaman po patungo sa bagong normal. Huwag na po lumabas kung di kailangan. Suotin po ang panangga gaya ng face mask at proteksyon po sa mata, ilong, at bibig. Maghugas ng kamay, at dumistansya sa mga kalapit at kaututang dila."

People with diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure and respiratory illness and those with compromised immune systems are more likely to become critically ill and die if they become infected. The Department of Health recommends that these patients stay inside and take strict precautions.

An analyst give a thought on strengthening the economy

According to analysts, the weekly meeting of the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC), if frequently convened by the President for the last two years of his administration in office, will strengthen the cooperation between the Executive and the Legislative, the two co-equal political branches of the Government in the service of national interest, as well as in the speeding-up of certain national interests.

"Those that would fully further reform our healthcare system now underway in both Houses of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives in the current 18th Congress of the Philippines. It strongly suggests that the President convenes LEDAC every Tuesday morning, while such Houses of Congress are in session, that he must do so now if he wants such bills, backed by his administration, to be passed in such Houses of Congress, in particular, the bills under the Joint Executive-Legislative Agenda that the LEDAC would draw up in the meetings," he said.

He hopes that when the President convenes weekly meetings of LEDAC, he suggests pushing for the passage of certain bills in both Houses of Congress that would completely reform our information and communications technology industry, bills that would strengthen our tourism industry, in particular, the hotel and restaurant management sector, to double the objective of further strengthening our economic recovery.

"The modernization of the ICT industry and the better and faster Internet, and the bills, would seek initially to reform our political system, starting with the strengthening of our political parties, to instill new policies in our country in the first place, and also to upgrade our democracy in the first place," he added.


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