Testimonial and Toast for the Top 5 Social Work Board Passer, Arwin Rocas Trinidad

by Sammie Rodriguez March 24, 2021 (L-R) Lucena Youth Advocacy Ambassador “Kuya” M...

by Sammie Rodriguez
March 24, 2021

Testimonial and Toast for the Top 5 Social Work Board Passer, Arwin Rocas Trinidad
(L-R) Lucena Youth Advocacy Ambassador “Kuya” Mark Alcala, Arwin Rocas Trinidad, SK Federation Lucena President Patrick Nadera. (Photo from Arwin Rocas Trinidad)

LUCENA CITY – On Friday, March 12, 2021, Marks the first testimonial and toast for the Top 5 Social Work board passer, Arwin Rocas Trinidad held at Dalubhasaang Lungsod ng Lucena, and share his heart whelming message to everyone in the room.

Trinidad is a graduate of Dalubhasaang Lungsod ng Lucena where the testimonial and toast were held also, he is a scholar of Lucena City, that’s why everyone in the ceremony could not help but to share their gratitude and support for his dedication and sacrifices as he placed fifth in the Social Work board exam.

A lot of people joined Trinidad in celebrating his success especially the Lucena City government, Lucena Youth Advocacy Ambassador “Kuya” Mark Alcala, SK Federation Lucena President Patrick Nadera at Vice President Rolden Garcia, Ms. Criselda David from Lucena Youth Development Office, DLL President, and Dean Dr. Charmaine Lagustan and Former President Dr. Mercy Torres, the program heads, teacher, students, and his parents.

From the beginning to the end of the testimonial and toast, Trinidad could not express his feelings that are filled with happiness and gratitude and he shared his emotional message to everyone, including his journey in achieving this success.

Trinidad said that his main goal is just to finish college and he still could not believe that he not just achieved one of his goals but was also gifted to ranked fifth on the board exam which is not an easy journey for him, He experienced a lot of challenges including financial problems, also as a person with disability or PWD.

He also added that everything he experienced is not a hindrance for him not to pursue his dreams but it became his strength and motivation to accomplish everything and to show everyone that he can achieve it no matter how a tough life is for him.

Trinidad ended the testimonial and toast by thanking and praising his parents also the city Mayor, Mayor Roderick “Don Don” Alcala, and everyone who helped him and witnessed his journey.


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