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Poor Filipino Labors' Day

by Nimfa Estrellado
Straight Talk
May 1, 2021

Poor Filipino Labors' Day
Filipino worker. (Photo from Mayor Matt Florido Withaheart FB account)

Warning: Rant up ahead.

On May 1, 2021, #LaborDay, at 9 a.m., at Liwasang Bonifacio in Ermita, Manila, a group of workers led by Kilusang Mayo Uno chairperson Elmer Labog staged a public protest action to demand and fight for enough financial aid, vaccines, and support for all.

I saw a lot of dismissive comments on Kilusang Mayo Uno's of this Facebook live event.

It is upsetting for others to mock the Filipino workers who protested because the government did not have a solid plan for the people during the crisis and pandemic. You take this shi* way too far.

The Philippines hasn't even made it through the pandemic yet, and its mga punyet*ng politicians are already thinking about the election.

If you were sitting there in your house, then all you did was bash "Puro kayo reklamo!" "Ano bang ambag niyo?" I hope it will be an eye-opener for you, how privileged you are, you son of tofu!

The rest of us are fortunate in that boredom is the only issue with enhanced community quarantine. But what about the ordinary workers who will be laid off? Will they be provided with adequate need and support assistance? Since Day 1, it appears that nothing has happened!

What the poor and workers have in mind, the Covid-19 is not real because those around them do not have a virus. The problem is, they don't even have the ability to test. The question is why hasn't the government made testing available to the public?

Those with the financial means to purchase oxygen tanks and other medical equipment are still in short supply. Can somebody explain to me how paying our workers more and getting rid of Covid-19 is “Philippine Last”?

A businessman friend from college died as a result of Covid-19. He is wealthy, but no hospital would then accept him. What about the poor workers if those with money can no longer afford to accommodate? The worst part is these puny*tas always say, "We did an excellent job."

What about contract employees who do not have PhilHealth coverage?

What about the unemployed?

Only those who are most vulnerable to the pandemic will be denied the opportunity to be vaccinated.

PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) has long been a business, especially when there was no accountability for the money they stole, and now they will require everyone to use PhilHealth?

As an insurance company, the pricing of insurance products would always be higher than the company's expected loss for that particular policy. So, in reality, PhilHealth is profiting from our need for a vaccine.

If they could just return the P15 billion stolen by PhilHealth, we might be a covid-free country, with no more pain.

I pity the poor Filipino workers. It is not a crime for them to be a leader for the poor. They must have the financial support of the government for a more developed country. Government thieves are the one who need to be arrested, imprisoned for life for no reason. These thieves torture the country.

The government must help farmers and workers. They are extremely beneficial to the country. They are not thieves. Arrest and execute those who are truly responsible for the theft of public funds.

Farmers, laborers, the poor, and activists are being gunned down! You are aware of this, but you continue to choose to be blind, dumb, deaf, and stupid!

Every first of May, the Philippines commemorates International Labour Day to celebrate the proletariat's centuries-long struggle and to honor their bravery in demanding better working conditions.

The first Labour Day celebration in the country took place on May 1, 1903, in Plaza Moriones, Tondo to Malacanang, where thousands of laborers gathered by the Union Obrera Democratica de Filipinas marched and protested independence against American capitalism and imperialism.

The event, which history considers to be one of the first street protests in Manila, drew over 100,000 people who took a stand against exploitation.

I am hopeful that the workers will be given justice.

For me, justice is a word in which workers do not have to worry about their basic needs and a world in which living is based on justice.

The justice I seek is the rectification of inequities and misfortune. A more resilient, humane, and, above all, climate-friendly society must be ensured. Prioritize the needs of citizens over corporate profits.


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