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One Meralco Foundation introduces first solar-powered water pumps to Mulanay

By Nimfa Estrellado Mulanay Mayor Aristotle Aguirre (4th from left) together with One Meralco Foundation representatives after the recent ...

By Nimfa Estrellado

One Meralco Foudation introduces first solar-powered water pumps to Mulanay
Mulanay Mayor Aristotle Aguirre (4th from left) together with One Meralco Foundation representatives after the recent installation of the solar-powered water pump system in the town in Sitio Central, Brgy. Patabog, Mulanay, Quezon. (Photo from Kuya Aris Aguirre - Mayor of Mulanay)

MULANAY, Quezon - One Meralco Foundation, one of the largest electric distribution utilities in the Philippines, partnered with the local government unit (LGU) of Mulanay to bring sustainable and renewable energy solutions to the town. This initiative aims to provide a clean and reliable water supply to the community, reducing their dependence on traditional electricity sources and promoting environmental sustainability.

This product not only showcases their dedication to renewable energy but also offers substantial savings for various sectors, from agriculture to residential areas. These pumps are prepared to make a beneficial impact on guaranteeing a consistent water supply due to their ease of installation and range of capacities.

With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, the One Meralco Foundation is continuously exploring and investing in new technologies that contribute to a greener future. Partnering with local communities and organizations, they aim to create awareness and provide access to renewable energy solutions, ultimately driving positive change in society.

In a Facebook post, Mulanay Mayor Aristotle Aguirre said, "We are very grateful to the One Meralco Foundation for their provision to the Mulanay of the First Water Access Electrification Project that will benefit 300 households in Sitio Central, Brgy. Patabog, Mulanay, Quezon."

The mayor also said that clean water used to be a problem for the residents of the said village, but with the implementation of the Water Access Electrification Project, this issue has been successfully addressed. He added that this is a fulfillment of their commitment to have a sustainable water system in the community, ensuring that the residents have access to a safe and reliable water supply for their daily needs.

Aguirre expressed his appreciation for the One Meralco Foundation's efforts in addressing the water supply issue. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government and private sectors in finding sustainable solutions and commended the foundation for its commitment to making a positive impact on the community. 

This project is powered by Solar Energy from Mspectrum Solar Solutions, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions. The use of solar energy not only ensures a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of power but also reduces the village's dependence on traditional electricity sources.

With this innovative solution, the village can now enjoy uninterrupted access to clean water without worrying about power outages or rising electricity costs. The first filtration and water system service facility provided by the One Meralco Foundation in the entire Quezon Province.

According to Mulanay municipal data, one of the most common health issues among Mulanay residents is the presence of waterborne diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea, hepatitis, coli infection, and salmonellosis, among others, and clean water is essential in preventing these diseases.

Aguirre hopes that this project will be the beginning of many more projects from the One Meralco Foundation for Mulanay town and the rest of Quezon Province. By addressing the issue of clean water access, Aguirre aims to improve the overall health and well-being of the community.

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