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Orange Festival celebrates Quezon's creativity culture

By Nimfa Estrellado Abel Cribe guide participants for Literature: Tulay: Tulaang Kalilayan at the Orange Festival. LUCENA CITY, Quezon –...

By Nimfa Estrellado

Orange Festival celebrates Quezon's creativity culture
Abel Cribe guide participants for Literature: Tulay: Tulaang Kalilayan at the Orange Festival.

LUCENA CITY, Quezon – Governor Doktora Helen Tan's drive to boost tourism in Quezon Province takes a vibrant – and celestial – turn. The recent Orange Tourism Festival held on February 21-23, 2024 was a resounding success, showcasing the province's rich culture, heritage, and a unique blend of artistic expression and astronomy.

Spearheaded by Tourism Quezon Province and led by Provincial Tourism Officer Nesler Louies Almagro, the festival aligns with the Department of Tourism's creative economy program and celebrates National Arts Month.

Vibrant colors represented the seven traditional art forms, with an eighth showcasing the province's renowned culinary scene, including coconut, cacao, and lambanog. The 'Tagayan Ritual', featuring the iconic lambanog drink, provided a distinctive highlight.

"We want tourists to experience the authentic spirit of Quezon, and that includes our creative heart and fascination with the stars," said Almagro. "The festival showcases our heritage, talented artists, and the wonders of the cosmos."

Alongside the cultural focus, the festival offered a unique twist: astronomy lectures and hands-on workshops exploring the celestial through culinary arts. Attendees learned the art of chocolate showpieces, the complexities of lambanog mixology, and the secrets of CocoLinaray culinary delights.

To further promote local artists, municipal tourism officers displayed artwork in popular tourist destinations. Over 200 residents participated in workshops led by renowned experts in theater, poetry, visual arts, dance, film, music, and architecture, designed to uplift their creative skills.

The Orange Festival is a testament to Quezon Province's commitment to celebrating its rich culture, supporting its talented artists, and offering visitors a unique blend of earthly delights and cosmic curiosity.

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