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Quezonian artist Alyssa Lucelle Reynales to receive Leonardo da Vinci International Art Prize

By Nimfa Estrellado Alyssa Lucelle Reynales (Photo from Alyssa Lucelle Reynales/FB) LOPEZ, Quezon - Filipino artist Alyssa Lucelle Reyna...

By Nimfa Estrellado

Alyssa Lucelle Reynales (Photo from Alyssa Lucelle Reynales/FB)
Alyssa Lucelle Reynales (Photo from Alyssa Lucelle Reynales/FB)

LOPEZ, Quezon - Filipino artist Alyssa Lucelle Reynales, a 23-year-old from Lopez, Quezon, will make history on April 14th when she receives the prestigious Leonardo da Vinci International Art Prize in Milan, Italy. This remarkable achievement shines a spotlight on the Philippines' vibrant art scene.

The award ceremony will take place at Milan's famed National Museum of Science and Technology, Leonardo da Vinci, where Reynales' winning artwork will also be immortalized in the book "Contemporary Celebrity Masters Volume II 2024." This publication pays tribute to the legendary master while showcasing today's most exciting artists.

In Milan, Reynales will unveil her powerful painting, "The Lifebuilder," a fitting tribute to the strength and resilience of women. This timely work, coinciding with Women's Month, explores themes of transformation and nurturing, promising a powerful resonance with audiences worldwide.

An avid exhibitor, Reynales actively participates in both local and international showcases. She is a selected artist for the International Art Caravan and Transmission exhibits, proudly representing the Philippines. Her leadership in the arts extends to managing exhibits and leading organizations that spotlight local talent.

"My family has been my greatest inspiration," Reynales explains. "My sisters, grandfather, and uncle are all artists, immersing me in a world of creativity from a young age."

Coming from a family of artists in Lopez, Quezon, Reynales' passion for the arts was nurtured early on. This rich artistic environment, fueled by her siblings, grandfather, and uncle, provided fertile ground for her talent to blossom.

Beyond her family, Reynales credits her high school teachers for stoking the flames of her artistic ambition. Their unwavering support and encouragement in contests and journalism-related activities were instrumental in her journey.

However, it was her eldest sister, Anne, who had the most profound influence on her artistic development. Witnessing Anne's success in national contests and exhibitions ignited Reynales' own aspirations, propelling her deeper into the world of art.

An artist and advocate

Reynales is a multifaceted artist, advocate, and educator whose work seamlessly blends abstraction and realism. Her vibrant abstracts burst with warm, sensual colors and intriguing forms, while her Baroque-inspired realist paintings feature dramatic dark backgrounds and powerful focal points. Her work often explores profound themes that resonate deeply with viewers.

She holds a Bachelor of Culture in Arts Education from Southern Luzon State University (SLSU), where her talent earned her the university's prestigious culture and art awards. Her artistic achievements date back to childhood, with numerous accolades from local to international art competitions.

Recent highlights include placing as a top 8 finalist in the 2021 Artsurge and Artdialogo Asia international painting contest, and recognition as a semi-finalist in the MMDA national art competition, where she received her award during MMFF 2022.

Deeply involved in the Quezon art community as part of the youth group Tanyag, Reynales is a passionate arts advocate who believes in the power of art to shape culture and connect people across diverse experiences.

Reynales' dedication, creativity, and advocacy work mark her as a rising star in the art world. Through her commitment to youth empowerment, community building, and artistic expression, she's shaping her own legacy while inspiring future generations of artists.

Overcoming challenges and building a legacy as a young female artist

Reynales understands the challenges that young female artists face in a field sometimes dominated by older generations. She has encountered doubts about her abilities and intentions, but Reynales refuses to let such criticism deter her. Instead, she channels the positive support she receives into fuel for her artistic determination.

"They can't stop me from painting. In fact, their doubts motivate me. If they see me as less, I'll do even more," Reynales says.

Her artistic vision extends beyond personal achievement. She believes that art can bridge generations, inspire social change, and offer healing and happiness. Her commitment to youth empowerment, community building, and artistic expression positions her as a leader who shapes not only her own path but also paves the way for future artists.

She expresses deep gratitude for the unwavering support she's received from family, mentors, and her artistic community. She recognizes that opportunities like the Leonardo da Vinci International Art Prize are unexpected blessings. This prestigious recognition is a dream come true, and she intends to leverage it to promote Filipino art on a global stage and inspire other young artists, especially women.

"My primary purpose is to showcase my work not only within our country but also across international scenes and other cultures," says Reynales.

Her advice to aspiring artists is direct and practical: invest time, effort, and resources into honing your craft. Practice and experimentation are essential to artistic growth and development.

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