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DepEd promotes clean, green Palaro environment

In support of the government’s national greening program, the Department of Education (DepEd), in coordination with the Province of Antique, has launched the Clean, Green, Healthy, Organized and Eco-Friendly 2017 Palarong Pambansa to maintain cleanliness and orderliness during the conduct of the national sports event in Western Visayas.
Assistant Secretary Tonisito Umali pointed out, “The DepEd and the local government of Antique are joining hands to make the Palaro a fertile avenue for promoting physical fitness and wellness; and inculcating values of discipline, teamwork, and care for the environment.” Under the program, clean, green, and eco-friendly measures shall be observed in the systems and practices of all delegations in the billeting quarters and event venues of the Palaro. These include sleeping areas, kitchen, dining hall, storage room, comfort room, waste disposal, and drainage system. All participants, athletes, and members of the delegation are enjoined to observe the following: efficient water and light use; bringing usable eco-friendly feeding and kitchen utensils instead of using Styrofoam or plastic materials; practicing proper waste segregation, collection, transport, storage and disposal of solid wastes for the whole duration of the event; and proper water, sanitation, and food safety measures. About 12,000 delegates from the 18 regions in the country have arrived in Antique to participate in 15 sports events for elementary school athletes and 21 sports events for secondary student-athletes.
The Palaro Committee organized a team to conduct the inspection in the billeting quarters and issued the guidelines for monitoring and evaluation purposes. The DepEd-Bureau of Learner Support Services-School Sports Division (BLSS-SSD) and School Health Division (SHD), in partnership with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office of Antique, will facilitate the activity. The objectives of the program are the following: 1) to promote environmental preservation and conservation through the 3R principles “reduce, re-use, and recycle” among the delegates; 2) to promote a clean and safe school environment through correct hygiene and sanitation practices; 3) to encourage cooperation and self-regulation, and instill the values of discipline, responsibility, and environmental consciousness; and 4) to recognize delegations who have shown outstanding performance in implementing a clean, green and eco-friendly Palaro. An incentive will be given to the delegations who will garner the following awards: a) Most Disciplined Delegation, 2) Most Organized Delegation, 3) Best Billeting School; and 4) Cleanest, Greenest, and Eco-Friendliest Delegation. The highlight of the program is a tree planting activity of each delegation within their billeting school premises or in the community to be led by the Regional Director. The activity is pursuant to DepEd Memorandum No. 77 s. 2017, DepEd Order No. 10 s. 2016, and in support of Executive Order No. 26 “Declaring the Implementation of the National Greening Program as a Government Priority.” (DepEd)