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Fight cyberbullying like Xander Ford

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado 

While technology is becoming more sophisticated, allowing us immediate access to information, which could greatly benefit our lives, it could also potentially provide individuals with the means to exploit personal information, commit cyber-crimes, or even inflict injury to others. One type of cyber-crime in particular is Cyber-bullying. Fact is, that an overwhelming majority of teenagers believe that this type of bullying is a joke, not realizing the devastating impact it could have on the victim.

This kind of abuse needs to be eliminated, because the effects of this kind of bullying can be detrimental to the victim, causing anything from depression to suicide. It is an act of persecution and mistreatment or cruelty that takes place within a digital setting, most commonly over the Internet or on any online-based forums. It can include negative, derogatory, or abusive comments; as well as threats to exploit private details about the victim.

In this day and age teenagers use technology more than even; most have access to access to high-speed Internet, which they use to send pictures and messages to their friends, create personal blogs or online videos, and create personal profiles on social networks. Cyber-bullying can take place on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. but it can also take place in online chat rooms, through emails, text or picture messages or any other place where technology is used.

Marlou Arizala aka Xander Ford, who was a member of the boy band parody group Hasht5 was the subject of malicious postings online. As a result of theses vicious postings, Marlou has previously who suffered bullying and online criticisms from his bashers in the social media because of his physical appearance, prompted him to undergo a cosmetic surgery to enhance his facial features.

People everywhere are still talking about him. He still hears people insulting him mentioning of Xander’s on alleged bad attitude saying, “Sa natural hindi mo ako basher Pero ngayon basher mo na ako napapansin ko sa mg POST MO AT INTERVIEW sa TV Lagi na lng may pag ka MAYABANG ?nagbago lang ang MUKHA pati ATTITUDE nag BAGO narin.”

In the interview Xander Ford said their claims that he have a bad attitude aren’t true because he is just like that. He is just too pesky, so other people misunderstand who is now. He also think people are too judgemental. That they judge others based on what they hear, but not based on what they see or on how they interacted with the person.

So what to do if you are being cyberbullied or if you see someone being cyberbullied? You can fight cyber bullying by remembering the NASS rule:

N- ever give out personal information

A- lways resist

S- top responding to the cyber bully

S- ave any suspected emails or text messages

If you are a victim of cyber bullying you should immediately go to someone whom you trust and report the situation before it gets out of hand. Never give up; keep reporting your situation until you find someone who is willing to help you.However, if you are threatened with bodily harm, do not hesitate to report the situation to the police immediately.


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