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Nothing’s Merrier Than Family Christmas

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado 

Christmas is always the most wonderful time of the year. It is is around the corner. It is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ.

All over the world, people are now planning, shopping, visiting and travelling in preparation for Christmas celebration.

It is a time to share love, joy, food, drink, laughter and good wishes among friends and foes.

Please, let us forget our differences and unite in deep prayer and meditation for world peace at this time. It will add more value to humanity.

Here in the Philippines we all know preparation for the celebration is on. Markets like Divisoria are stocked with Christmas items like caps, clothes, wine and foods.

There is excitement around markets, schools, streets, churches, banks, hospitals, etc.

Work without rest is not good for the body. Therefore to maintain our health balance, we must work, play, sleep and refresh. Christmas celebration is a time to dine, wine and be happy.

But, we must also use this time to reflect, take stocks and moderate our thought, words, and deeds. Excess of everything, Christmas or no Christmas is bad. This very celebration will not last forever. It comes up once every year.

There is nothing wrong in saving for Christmas celebration. It is okay and acceptable. But, it is wrong to borrow or steal money in order to buy drink, food and gifts to impress your family, relations, friends, colleagues.

I suggest you do not allow yourself to be blackmailed or put under pressure by anyone because of Christmas. After the celebration, it is you alone that will clean up the mess and pay the debts. Your friends, relations, colleagues and others will simply move on with their lives.

Remember that January is not far from December. After the celebration, some of us will be broke. But, if we put some money down, we may likely use the money to survive January and other months in the new year.

As mystics all over the world know, this is a time to pray, contemplate and meditate for peace in the world. It is a period to attune for love, light, life, harmony, unity and health.

Christmas is a time for families to make new memories together, yet it is usually over in the blink of an eye. May the good LORD bless our celebrations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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