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Beating “sexual favor in exchange for something “ Culture

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

“Sexual Harassment: Any unwanted act or behavior with sexual undertones that negatively impact the recipient’s environment.”

We’re all familiar with extreme acts of sexual harassment such as, a pinch on the buttocks, ogling, lewd remarks and disgusting attempts at fondling. When it comes to serious examples of sexual harassment, everyone should know what to do. Report the pervert to the authorities as soon as possible. This person is dangerous and needs to be taken care of ASAP. On the other hand, what about those smaller instances when your boss asks you for sexual favours in exchange for perks? or just when someone asked for sexual favours in exchange for anything? A professors, lawyer, doctor, bank manager, police, a friend etc. What can you do and should do with respect to it.

Recently news about men demanding sexual favours surface on social media, there is Gretchen Fullido filed sexual harrasment charges against Cheryl Favila, former TV Patrol supervising producer; and Maricar Asprec, a segment producer over messages from the two, which Fullido claimed were requests for sexual favors. Then there is a report that Manila cops have filed a rape complaint against Police Officer 1 Eduardo Valencia who was accused of asking a minor of sexual favors in exchange of her parents’ liberty. And now allegations of sexual harassment against a sponsor of the Manila-based Miss Earth 2018 beauty pageant have emerged from their respective Instagram posts—with the organizer refuting on ABS-CBN News some of the allegations, detailing on Instagram how the sponsor “asked for sexual favors in exchange for the crown.”

Always remember YOU DO NOT OWE ANYONE: sex, money, housing, food, or anything else.

If you are in an environment or situation where sexual favors are required who wish to receive promotions or other favorable treatment from anybody, this could be viewed as sexual harassment. If you face a situation involving hostile environment harassment, you can take steps to better navigate through the pernicious landmines at work. As an initial matter, you need to report the harassment to the appropriate management officials at your workplace as soon as possible. If the situation is severe or continues unabated, consult promptly with an attorney or women’s desk.