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Philippines Aren’t You Tired of Bullsh*ts?

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

If you’re disgusted, disillusioned, or feel, the current state of today’s political climate, and or politicians, is failing to serve your best interests, etc, you are certainly not alone, in your perceptions! It seems, every day, the bulk of the discussion, is broken into, a battle between the rhetoric of either side of the political spectrum, and very few of our elected officials, appear to be, serving and representing you, and your best interests, and the common good, rather than attempting to bring us together, and emphasize a meeting, of the minds! Unfortunately, we appear to be suffering from a dearth of genuine leadership, and our political representatives, have demonstrated, we have very few real LEADERS.

Many studies indicate, the Philippines, is more divided, and polarized, than at any time, perhaps, since Martial Law, Marcos regime. Whether this is because of the generations of lying, and half-truths, by politicians, and public officials, in order to serve the official’s personal / political agenda, or, because of the enhancement of this tendency, to outright lying (rather than half - truths), we currently witness, daily, there can be little doubt, it is not serving the common good, nor promoting any meeting of the minds. It’s time for Filipinos to stand - up, and proclaim, ENOUGH, or as the famous line, from the decades old movie, famously proclaimed, I’m sick, and tired, and not going to take it anymore. How does anyone, benefit, in the longer run, by the level of empty promises, rhetoric and vitriol, we are currently witnessing?

With that in mind, we need, to demand better, if we hope to preserve the liberties, freedom, and justice, for all.

Whether one supports President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, or not, one must admit, the man appears to possess less empathy, than any previous President, in recent memory. Perhaps because of this, his emphasis has appeared to be guided, not by the common good, but rather by his own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest. Our nation’s citizens seem to be in the doldrums, lacking the energy, to fight for principles. Shouldn’t our leaders, focus, be on quality and genuine excellence?

How are our relevant, sustainable needs, being served? When a leader uses blaming, complaining, and adversarial behavior/ language, and abandons normal niceties, doesn’t that weaken us?

We always face obstacles, but when a political leader prefers using blaming and complaining, rather than taking personal ownership and responsibilities, little quality time, is spent, on the finest objectives!

Rhetoric and promises, don’t get things done! We need to begin electing people, with a quality plan, which addresses urgent needs, with viable solutions/ plans, and individuals, willing to take a stand, and urge, us to unite, for the common good!

It’s wrong to pit one segment of Filipinos against another, especially when it’s done for purely political reasons. Elect for people, willing to emphasis, unifying out nation, and generating goodwill, because of the quality of their character, etc!

Some seem to try to attract political support by using emotionally charged, rhetoric and vitriol, rather than focusing on healing wounds, and achieving a meeting, of the minds! Only when we elect people, who combine emotional caring, with logical planning, in a head and heart manner, will things become better.

Many of us complain about corruption, bad government policy, lack of money, fraud, dishonesty, etc. We all want to live in a better world but we only talk about the mistakes of others and we are almost always into blame. The politicians are liars, they are thieves, incompetent, and manipulative. ENOUGH of this insanity, and let’s truly make Philippines, really great, by serving the common good! Will you accept your personal responsibility of becoming part of a more educated, thoughtful, electorate?

To see better, it is not necessary to climb on top of someone else’s shoulders. It is enough to stand upright!