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Between the sweet lie and the bitter truth Part 2

Straight Talk
by Nimfa L. Estrellado

Since the cornerstones of trust are both truth and ethical behavior, political leaders who do not speak the truth, mislead us and fail to behave properly have no place in government. We all should be able to agree that our trust and support should only be offered to politicians who tell us the truth, behave in an ethical manner and act with our best interests in mind.Liars and unethical people who hold political office should be held accountable for their lack of respect for us and for the office they hold. Therefore, we must be sure that our voices are heard. Our votes should only go to truthful, trustworthy and ethical candidates.

Holding political leaders accountable is the obligation of every voter. High school students, college students and all new voters will also be expected to take on the same responsibility for seeking the truth and holding our politicians to the highest standards. That responsibility should never be sacrificed even when the politician promises and delivers some of the things we want. We will pay a terrible price if our own standards sink to that level. When those politicians are put on the spot, try to answer the hard questions or get caught doing something bad or illegal, they rarely own up. For far too many politicians, lying seems to be second nature.

Core followers of many politicians are quick to accept the political leader’s statements as truth and go along even when the statement is clearly not true. Today, it seems that some voters are more than willing to overlook the lies and questionable behavior of political leaders when they agree with the politician’s stated goals.

Politicians tend to utilize these tactics when they are worried that the consequences of their past statements, actions and behaviors may put them in legal jeopardy and or may impact their financial and political futures. They also adopt these tactics when they are concerned that their support base may be badly eroding.

When politicians employ behaviors like these, they are showing us and telling us that we should not believe them, should not trust them and certainly should not support them. Any political position built on lies and misdeeds must be recognized and taken as a personal insult and betrayal that cannot be tolerated. It should be obvious to everyone that politicians who tell us the truth and have not committed any serious misdeeds will have no reason to engage in these deceitful activities. That critical point cannot be ignored or explained away by those who utilize and rely on those tactics. The truth and the facts are important and must be held.