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Quezon educators’ research convention highlights ‘culture of research’

Teachers of Quezon province gather for the 2019 Quezon Educators’ Research Convention held at the Quezon Convention Center in Lucena city. (JOHN BELLO)
by Annadel O. Gob

This year’s gathering of teachers from the Division of Quezon and Tayabas made a clear declaration of its long term-goal which is to further develop the culture of research in the province by having research-based instruction among teachers in entire Quezon through its 2-day event dubbed as Quezon Educator’s Research Convention on March 21 and 22.

Dr. Catherine P. Talavera, Schools Division Superintendent of Tayabas City, reiterated that the Division shared its vision-mission to its teachers about its goal by highlighting the accomplishments of the division in the field of research, which has served as its arms in taking actions in establishing and continuous improvement of research making, utilization, and implementation in DepEd Tayabas through its series of plenum and competitions.

Gracing the convention as guest speaker was DepEd Regional Director Diosdado San Antonio who gladly congratulated the two divisions for making research as a highlight of the event.

“A professional is a reflective thinker conducting action research. Research is a systematic way of solving problem. Conducting action research is a choice. It is not a compulsory task,” San Antonio said.

He also shared to his audience his experience studying abroad. He got his diploma in Doctoral Degree without attending classes and through conducting action research.

San Antonio told teachers that there is no such thing as mass promotion which the teachers applauded. “Teachers will decide if learners will be promoted or not because teachers know their students what they are capable of,” he said.

He said that as ‘a father of DepEd CALABARZON’, he is doing his best to adjust the decongested curriculum.

“Learning competencies will be attuned according to the needs of the learners. Learning competencies will be more relevant and meaningful to the students,” he added.

The event also highlighted performances from teachers and guest artists like Vina Morales and Joseph Marco who bonded with the audience through their song numbers.