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Selfie advertising: is this the next big thing?

By: Megan Stewart

Today’s technology means we can live fast-paced lives filled with things to do and pictures to take. But did you know that the selfies are now the norm? People won’t go anywhere without their phones and the ability to take a selfie and post it online. In fact, it is so normal that we don’t even question it when our friend posts a hundred pictures of themselves online. Now, your business can actually use selfies to advertise. Selfie advertising may just be the next best way to reach out to new customers.

Kind of like word of mouth

We already know the most effective way to get new customers is through word of mouth advertising. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you’ll be getting a lot out by advertising through images. One way to do this is through an ad campaign where you offer a prize for the best selfie including your image in it, or something to that extent. Posting these on social media will mean you have engaged current customers (which is always something to strive for), and all their friends get a chance to see your product. Even if you offer a service rather than a product, you can still offer a prize based on selfies using a hashtag with your company name in it. As a growing portion of your customer base is taking selfies and watching each other on the internet, you’ll be able to reach out to more of your audience than ever before.

Personal recommendation

If you see your friends have it, you’ll want it, and if you already know someone who likes it, you will use it. This is the basic idea behind selfie advertising and showing people what you do and what companies you like to use. This is a powerful tool that is especially useful for pay per call campaigns where affiliates are responsible for finding the customers to call your business. As an affiliate, your job is to find as many new customers are possible for other businesses, and what better way than to actually show off the product or service in a selfie?

How much longer will it last?

With some advertising, you only have a short window of opportunity. You may be wondering how much longer people will actually use the selfie. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the selfie may not always be the crazed trend it is now, but it will probably never go away. We’ve already gotten too much invested into our pictures and smartphones that make it easier than ever. Even if it isn’t the best method of marketing forever (nothing ever is), you will be able to reach a lot of new customers for now.

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