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Mate Elementary School launches Reading Park, a joyful education

by Sentinel Times Staff
July 20, 2019

Little Teachers teach other children with difficulty in reading at the Park.

TAYABAS CITY - Prior to encouraging a child to practice reading, writing, and numeracy it is necessary to promote motivation and curiosity using play activities that interest the student, Mate Elementary School launched its Reading Park as a part of their reading program through joyful education.

The park presents strategies and alternatives for developing reading and numeracy skills of children.


With the leadership of Jeff Dy, Teacher-in-Charge of Mate ES, says the Reading Park was conceptualized and carefully planned last August 2018 and with the helped of his teachers, Schools Division Office (SDO) Tayabas, parents, barangay, alumni and other stakeholders, the Reading Park began its construction last May 4 and launched this month.

“It was a fruit of hard work and teamwork”, says Jeff Dy. “We were so blessed because we did not encounter financial difficulties. The challenge for us is to give powerful reading instruction through the maintenance of the park.”

The Reading Park was designed for every child especially for non-readers. Each part was carefully designed for a specific learning competency. Marungko, Claveria, letters, numbers, antonyms, reading wall and localized reading materials turned into something that the children will have fun while learning.

Reselyn, a Grade 6 Little teacher, is an avid reader even at a young age. She is one of the ten Little Teachers who teach other students, especially those having difficulties in reading comprehension, to learn how to read. She has been enjoying being a Little teacher despite the problems she encounters. Tutoring for weeks, Reselyn has seen the improvement among her students. 5 out of her 7 students have improved their reading performance. “I feel happy whenever I see a slow reader became a reader. It’s a joy to see him/her reads faster than before. That, for me, is my greatest achievement,” she says. Reselyn’s experience as a Little Teacher makes her want to become a teacher someday, as she says, “to continue helping more children.”

Successful parent involvement can be defined as the active, ongoing participation of a parent or primary caregiver in the education of his or her child. Through a Mother Teacher, Mate ES builds literacy partnership with the parents. Once a month, the Mother teacher story tells for the children in school. Jonalyn Tambor, a Mother Teacher, finds it challenging and fun because you have to catch their interest through proper voice, intonation, and emotion.

According Mary Ann Peñana, a combination teacher of Grade 2 and Grade 3 pupils, that they trained the Little Teachers and the Mother Teachers that will help them to deliver good results.

“The project was highly impactful and it is my hope that the attendance rate and achievement rate have significantly improved through action research.” said Diosdado San Antonio, DepEd Regional Director in a recent Facebook comment to Mate ES.

The park will have an extension next year. A forest library, eco-park, a garden of books, reading camp and reading cafeteria will be put up for continuing improvement.


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