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Political stunters or the silver linings in the dirty world of Philippine politics?

by Nimfa Estrellado
Straight Talk
Nimfa Estrellado
July 13, 2019

Young newly elected mayors are changing the political landscape in Manila, Pasig, San Juan and Cainta, Rizal. Isko Moreno, Vico Sotto, Francis Zamora and Johnielle Keith Pasion Nieto showed that true CHANGE is coming. They are not perfect but what’s needed. Finally, breaking from the status quo.

Their innovative efforts to install more transparent administrations particularly in terms of the game-changing move to harness technology and modern means to ensure public accountability should, at the very least, shame the old guard about their recalcitrant ways and pump new blood into the drive to wrestle a national Freedom of Information Order or FOI law out of Congress’ enduring, self-serving choke hold.

Agree or disagree, we need more leaders like Moreno, Sotto, Zamora and Nieto. Watching them and learning their platform really give me hope for a better governance that Filipipo people deserves. Really really hopeful here. the people expectation of Duterte strong political will with no foul language, rape jokes and kill threat. Here’s what Moreno, Sotto, and other new leaders did in their first week according to reports:


Mayor Isko Moreno

Starting your term with a bang? Manila Mayor Isko Moreno did it quite literally. On Jul. 3, under Mayor Isko’s order, the Manila Police confiscated 75 video karera outlets in Manila. A video karera is a horse-racing video game that is linked to illegal gambling. This move is part of his campaign against illegal activities across the city, according to an Inquirer report. We also witnessed vendor-filled streets undergo a 180-degree transformation. He led clearing operations in Divisoria and Recto in the hopes of bringing back order to the city. We hope street vendors will be given proper space too, though. During a press conference, ordered to remove names of politicians, including his, from schools in the city saying that the institutions should be left for academicians and not for politicians.

Mayor Vico Sotto

Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto didn’t end the almost 30-year dynasty of the Eusebios for nothing. On his first day, Sotto already fulfilled one of his promises by suspending the odd-even traffic scheme in Pasig City. For almost three years, the scheme forbid four-wheeled vehicles with license plates ending in even numbers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; while those ending in odd numbers are prohibited on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. He took the side of workers on strike against pearl shake maker Zagu Foods Corporation and told the company to follow labor laws, after he stepped in to sort out a confrontation between picketers and pro-management workers on Monday night, July 8. A video posted by Sotto on his official Facebook page on Wednesday, July 10, shows the mayor speaking with an administrator at Zagu’s factory in Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City, moments after the scuffle.

Mayor Francis Zamora

Mayor-elect Francis Zamora, who toppled the powerful Ejercito-Estrada clan’s 5-decade rule in San Juan, vows that he will not build his own political dynasty. After 1 week in office, Zamora opens the one stop shop Govt Center in Brgy St Joseph. All the governing bodies will be present to give proper service to every San Juaneño deserves. A week after assuming office, he signs his first Executive Order or E.O NO. FMZ 001 SERIES OF 2019, institutionalizing the San Juan City local government integrity system. San Juan City Mayor paints a bleak picture of the city’s financial situation in a flag-raising ceremony. After a review by the city’s local finance committee, it was found that he had inherited a nearly P1 billion debt from former Mayor Guia Gomez.


Mayor Johnielle Keith Nieto

Mayor Keith Nieto united cainta and removed every bit of trash left from Mon Ilagan’s reign. “ONE CAINTA” was everywhere without his name & we all get to see the difference from a tyrant to a proper humble mayor that we all deserve. Nieto is taking a hands-on approach to improving people’s lives in his municipality near Manila. His programs include loans to promote homeownership, job creation schemes and the foundation of a free university. And whenever residents have a problem, his office door is always open.

To Isko Moreno, Vico Sotto, Francis Zamora, and Keith Nieto. You all toppled brick walls in your cities because you promised a better way of life for your constituents, who hated corruption. DON’T FAIL US!

We need more young leaders with fresh ideas and visions for the country. We need people like them who walk the talk. People who can work for the people. Be connected to the people. The likes of Moreno, Sotto, Zamora, Nieto are silver linings in the dirty world of Philippine politics. I am praying for their safety for they will be going up against many forms of evils in the land. I just hope this is not a PR exercise for good image as part of their first 100 days in office and not using other politician’s playbook.


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